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Worsfold, Tim M. 2009. Progress on the identification of Cirratulidae in British and Irish waters through the NMBAQC Scheme: 1996-2009. Report to the NMBAQC Scheme participants. Unicomarine Report NMBAQCcir09
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Was available at, but the link may now be dead.
Begins: This document represents a compilation of cirratulid identification documents produced for the NMBAQC Scheme by Unicomarine, with help from Scheme participants and external experts. It comprises three sections: • 1. 1996 Guide. A provisional key and guide produced for a Scheme workshop on the group in 1996, reproduced as presented, • 2. Additional documents, post 1996. Documents and updates produced after the workshop to incorporate issues raised and suggested improvements, • 3. 2006 update. A provisional update to taxonomy, with an identification aid in tabular form produced for a workshop in 2006.
British Islands
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