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Terryn Y. & Ryall P. (2014) West African Terebridae, with the description of a new species from the Cape Verde Islands. Conchylia 44(3-4): 27-47. [March 2014]
2014-04-01 08:33:53Z

Hastula aciculina (Lamarck, 1822) (identification resource)
Hastula cuspidata (Hinds, 1844) (identification resource)
Hastula exacuminata Sacco, 1891 (identification resource)
Hastula knockeri (E. A. Smith, 1872) (identification resource)
Hastula leloeuffi Bouchet, 1983 (identification resource)
Hastula lepida (Hinds, 1844) (identification resource)
Oxymeris dillwynii (Deshayes, 1859) (basis of record)
Oxymeris fatua (Hinds, 1844) (basis of record)
Oxymeris senegalensis (Lamarck, 1822) (additional source)
Terebra brevicula Deshayes, 1859 accepted as Duplicaria brevicula (Deshayes, 1859) (additional source)
Terebra corrugata Lamarck, 1822 (additional source)
Terebra fernandesi Bouchet, 1983 (additional source)
Terebra grayi E. A. Smith, 1877 (additional source)
Terebra histrio Deshayes, 1857 (additional source)
Terebra reticularis (Pecchioli in Sacco, 1891) (additional source)