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Cairns, S.D. & J.A. Grant-Mackie. (1993). Review of the fossil Stylasteridae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from the New Zealand region. New Zealand J. Geol. Geoph. 36(1): 1-8.
Cairns, S.D. & J.A. Grant-Mackie
Review of the fossil Stylasteridae (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) from the New Zealand region.
New Zealand J. Geol. Geoph
36(1): 1-8.
The five previously reported fossil clacified hydroids from the New Zealand region are discussed, resulting in: a change of generic placement of two species (Stylaster sensu Jones, 1970 to Calyptopora; and Paraerrina sensu Squires, 1962 to Lepidopora), and a query of the identification of Sporadopora mortenseni sensu Squires, 1962. Several records of bryozoans reported as stylasterids are also rectified. Four additional fossil stylasterids are reported from the region: indeterminate species of Inferiolabiata and Conopora from the early Miocene (Otaian) of Pakaurangi Point; a species of Errinia from the early to middle Eocene (Waipawan-Bortonian) of Chatham Island; and a new species, Stylaster gigas, from the early Pliocene (Opoitian) of Kaawa Beach, North Island. S. gigas has one of the most massive coralla of any known stylasterid. The nine fossil stylasterids now known from the New Zealand region range from the early Eocene to the late Pliocene and are found from both North and South Islands as well as Chatham and Pitt Islands.Descriptors: STYLASTER GIGAS new species; CALYPTOPORA; PARAERRINA; LEPIDOPORA; SPRADOPORA MORTENSENI; INFERIOLABIATA; CONOPORA; ERRINA
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Paleontology, Fossils, Paleobiology
Systematics, Taxonomy
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