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Costa, Dimítri de Araújo; Christoffersen, Martin L. (2017 [2016 issue, but unpublished until 2017]). Revision and global distribution of Hesione splendida (Annelida, Polychaeta, Hesionidae). Gaia Scientia. 10(4): 166-172.
10.21707/gs.v10.n04a13 [view]
Costa, Dimítri de Araújo; Christoffersen, Martin L.
2017 [2016 issue, but unpublished until 2017]
Revision and global distribution of Hesione splendida (Annelida, Polychaeta, Hesionidae)
Gaia Scientia
10(4): 166-172
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Article may be unpublished for Code purposes (electronic, no ZooBank registration)
The genus Hesione includes many nominal species throughout the world, of which the first described was the species Hesione splendida, from the Red Sea. Subsequently, during the last eighty years, some polychaetes researchers have been proposed many synonyms for this taxon. We revised all synonyms of H. splendida based on type material, Brazilian specimens and original descriptions. We confirmed the synonyms established for researchers and we are proposing that the species H. ehlersi syn. n. and H. steenstrupii syn. n. are synonyms of H. splendida. We are also providing the current global distribution for this hesionid polychaete. H. splendida groups several nominal species that exhibit few morphological and color polymorphisms. The main diagnostic characters are the color of dorsum (transversal narrow ivory colored lines, and median circular white-yellowish patches); absence of palps; two papilliform lateral antennae; and a tubercle on the middle-posterior region of proboscis. The species H. splendida inhabits hard and soft bottoms, in intertidal and infralittoral zones, in Africa, America, Asia and Europe
Systematics, Taxonomy
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