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Ríos, P.; Xavier, J.; Cristobo, J. (2017). Triptolemma intextum (Carter, 1876) (Porifera), a rare sponge of Galicia Bank. Avances en estudios de biología marina: contribuciones del XVIII SIEBM GIJÓN. Temas de Oceanografía. Instituto Español de Oceanografía, Madrid. Spain. Vol. 10.
Ríos, P.; Xavier, J.; Cristobo, J.
<i>Triptolemma intextum</i> (Carter, 1876) (Porifera), a rare sponge of Galicia Bank
Avances en estudios de biolog&iacute;a marina: contribuciones del XVIII SIEBM GIJ&Oacute;N. Temas de Oceanograf&iacute;a. Instituto Espa&ntilde;ol de Oceanograf&iacute;a, Madrid. Spain
Vol. 10
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In the present work there describes a rare species of Sponge, Triptolemma intextum (Carter, 1876), collected in Galicia Bank during INDEMARES 0810 expedition at 999 meters depth. Since the original description of the species under the name Pachastrella intexta, proceeding from south of Cape San Vicente (Portugal) at 684 m, there isn’t any additional collect; for this reason, it is considered a rare species. The specimens are massive, refilling cavities in hard substrata (calcareous rocks), beige/cream in colour, when alive; surface with thin hispidation and a simple oscule. The spicules are caltrops, dicocaltrops, microrabdes and amphiasters. Its spicular elements are photographed by the first time by scanning electronic microscope (SEM). The zone where it was collected, Galicia Bank, is a seamount located 180 km of the nearest coast, to the west of the continental margin of Galicia (NE Atlantic), bordering on the abyssal plains of Biscay Bay and Iberian plain.
North Atlantic
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