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Kajihara, H. (2007). A taxonomic catalogue of Japanese nemerteans (Phylum Nemertea). Zoological Science (Tokyo), 24(4): 287-326
10.2108/zsj.24.287 [view]
Kajihara, H.
A taxonomic catalogue of Japanese nemerteans (Phylum Nemertea)
Zoological Science (Tokyo)
24(4): 287-326
Available for editors  PDF available
A literature-based taxonomic catalogue of the nemertean species (Phylum Nemertea) reported from Japanese waters is provided, listing 19 families, 45 genera, and 120 species as valid. Applications of the following species names to forms previously recorded from Japanese waters are regarded as uncertain: Amphiporus cervicalis, Amphiporus depressus, Amphiporus lactifloreus, Cephatothrix filiformis, Cephatothrix finearis, Cerebratulus fuscus, Lineus vegetus, Lineus bilineatus, Lineus gesserensis, Lineus grubei, Lineus longifissus, Lineus mcintoshii, Nipponnemertes putchra, Oerstedia venusta, Prostoma graecense, and Prostoma grande. The identities of the taxa referred to by the following four nominal species require clarification through future investigations: Cosmocephala japonica, Dicelis rubra, Dichilus obscurus, and Nareda serpentina. The nominal species established from Japanese waters are tabulated. In addition, a brief history of taxonomic research on Japanese nemerteans is reviewed.
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