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Moseley, H. N. (1875). On Pelagonemertes Rollestoni. Annals and magazine of natural history, Ser. 4, 15: 165-169, pl. xv
Moseley, H. N.
On Pelagonemertes Rollestoni
Annals and magazine of natural history, Ser. 4
15: 165-169, pl. xv
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MOSELEY (11 & 12). .MOSELEY'S (12) new family Pelagonemertidoe is a link between Nemertea and Planaria dendrocoela (as Prostomea between Nemertea and Pl. rhabdocoela). "Animal free swimming, pelagic; body gelatinous, hyaline, broad, and flattened (leaf shaped); proboscis unarmed ; no ciliated sacs or special Bense organs; digestive tract dendrocoelous." Pelagonemertes, g. n. Moseley, "Anterior extremity broad and abrupt, the posterior narrowed to a point; digestive canal with 13 pairs of lateral ramifications. Integument thin, with a thin muscular tunic immediately beneath it, consisting of external circular and internal longitudinal fibres." P. rollestoni, sp. n., only found twice in deep-sea trawling, at 50[degree] 8., 123[degree] E., 1800 fath., and at 34[degree] 58' N., 139[degree] 30' E., between 155 and 420 fath. In the proboscis aud its sheath, and the nervous and vascular systems, Pelagonemertet agrees with the Nemerteans ; the sexes are distinct, and the ovaries placed along the lateral vessels; the ramifications of the intestine are developed successively, from before backwards, not planned out at once as in young deudrocoeulous Planariaus. [Lesson's Pterosoma planum is evidently something closely allied, but with a pair of eyes and unbranched digestive tube]
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Pelagonemertes Moseley, 1875 (original description)