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Conde-Vela, Víctor M. (2021). Revision of Laeonereis Hartman, 1945 (Annelida: Phyllodocida: Gymnonereidinae), with a review of shaft morphology in nereidids. Journal of Natural History. 55(7-8): 381-455.
10.1080/00222933.2021.1903601 [view] [view]
Conde-Vela, Víctor M.
Revision of Laeonereis Hartman, 1945 (Annelida: Phyllodocida: Gymnonereidinae), with a review of shaft morphology in nereidids
Journal of Natural History
55(7-8): 381-455
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The nereidid genus Laeonereis Hartman, 1945 is characterised mainly by having rod-like papillae arranged in tufts on the maxillary ring, and triangular papillae and rounded papillae on the oral ring. Many species descriptions rely heavily on pharyngeal characters, which are here shown to be insufficient for distinguishing all Laeonereis species. To improve the available descriptions of Laeonereis species, and study other features such as parapodial and chaetal ones, type and additional materials of all involved species were examined. The results demonstrate that all proposed Laeonereis species are valid as suggested in recent studies. The parapodial morphology is very conservative in known Laeonereis species, making their separation more difficult; to improve the accuracy when describing parapodial morphology, a methodology for measuring length ratios of parapodial structures is proposed. Moreover, the distinction between homogomph, heterogomph and sesquigomph shafts in nereidid chaetae is reviewed, and new definitions are proposed. The current diagnosis of Laeonereis is emended and focused on parapodial and chaetal features instead of pharyngeal ones. Based on the new diagnosis, the species Nicon orensanzi de León-González, Méndez and Navedo, 2017 was transferred into Laeonereis; to reinforce the distinction between Nicon and Laeonereis, the type species of Nicon, N. pictus Kinberg, 1865, was examined and their features compared. The species Laeonereis longula sp. nov. is described based on material previously identified as L. culveri. It is shown that Laeonereis species have a similar glandular pattern in the notopodial dorsal ligules, herein called pedal glands, reinforcing the differences among closely related species.
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Systematics, Taxonomy
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