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Berkeley, Edith; Berkeley, Cyril. (1941). On a collection of Polychaeta from Southern California. Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences. 40(1): 16-60, plate 5.
Berkeley, Edith; Berkeley, Cyril
On a collection of Polychaeta from Southern California
Bulletin of the Southern California Academy of Sciences
40(1): 16-60, plate 5
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Publication date (on cover of issue): "August 15, 1941"
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At intervals during the past few years Prof. G. E. MacGinitie, of the Kerckhoff Marine Laboratory, Corona Del Mar, California, has sent us specimens of Polychaeta collected by him in the vicinity of his laboratory, or at points not more than a few miles distant. This is the source of most of the material described in this paper. In addition some of the specimens were collected by Dr. MacGinitie at other localities in Southern California. Yet others by Dr. W. G. Hewatt, of the Texas Christian University, at Santa Cruz Island during the summer of 1939 and kindly submitted by him to us for report. Forms taken both intertidally and by dredge are included. Notes indicating the depth of dredging operations did not always accompany the specimens, but the depth is given in the following pages when known and the locality at which each species was collected is stated unless this was Corona Del Mar or the vicinity. If no statement to the contrary appears the species under discussion in the notes which follow was collected intertidally.
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East Pacific
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