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Burton, M. (1930). Norwegian Sponges from the Norman Collection. Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London. 1930 (2): 487-546, pls I-II.
Burton, M.
Norwegian Sponges from the Norman Collection
Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London
1930 (2): 487-546, pls I-II
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Aplysilla rosea (Barrois, 1876) (additional source)
Biemna variantia (Bowerbank, 1858) (additional source)
Clathria (Paresperia) Burton, 1930 (original description)
Clathria labyrinthica (Schmidt, 1864) accepted as Crambe crambe (Schmidt, 1862) (new combination reference)
Crella albula (Bowerbank, 1866) represented as Crella (Yvesia) albula (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Crella pyrula (Carter, 1876) represented as Crella (Yvesia) pyrula (Carter, 1876) (additional source)
Geodia barretti Bowerbank, 1858 (additional source)
Geodia megastrella Carter, 1876 (additional source)
Geodia muelleri (Fleming, 1828) accepted as Geodia cydonium (Linnaeus, 1767) (additional source)
Grantia compressa (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Halisarca dujardinii Johnston, 1842 (additional source)
Leuconia aspera (Schmidt, 1862) accepted as Leucandra aspera (Schmidt, 1862) (additional source)
Leuconia nivea (Grant, 1826) (additional source)
Leucosolenia lamarcki Haeckel, 1870 accepted as Ascaltis lamarcki (Haeckel, 1870) (additional source)
Leucosolenia variabilis Haeckel, 1870 (additional source)
Mycale corrugata (Bowerbank, 1866) represented as Mycale (Aegogropila) corrugata (Bowerbank, 1866) (basis of record)
Plakortis simplex Schulze, 1880 (additional source)
Poecillastra compressa (Bowerbank, 1866) (additional source)
Polymastia mamillaris (Müller, 1806) (additional source)
Pseudosuberites hyalinus (Ridley & Dendy, 1887) (additional source)
Spongia carteri Burton, 1930 accepted as Spongionella pulchella (Sowerby, 1804) (original description)
Stryphnus fortis (Vosmaer, 1885) (additional source)
Suberites incrustans Keller, 1891 accepted as Suberites kelleri Burton, 1930 (basis of record)
Suberites kelleri Burton, 1930 (original description)
Sycon ciliatum (Fabricius, 1780) (additional source)
Sycon raphanus Schmidt, 1862 (additional source)
Thenea muricata (Bowerbank, 1858) (additional source)
Tragosia infundibuliformis (Linnaeus, 1759) accepted as Axinella infundibuliformis (Linnaeus, 1759) (additional source)
Ute glabra Schmidt, 1864 (additional source)
Norwegian Exclusive Economic Zone for Sycon raphanus Schmidt, 1862