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Mopaliinae Dall, 1889

385536  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:385536)

Genus Amicula Gray, 1847
Genus Dendrochiton Berry, 1911
Genus Gallardochiton Sirenko, 2020
Genus Katharina Gray, 1847
Genus Mopalia Gray, 1847
Genus Mopaliella Thiele, 1909
Genus Nuttallochiton Plate, 1899
Genus Placiphorella Dall, 1879
Genus Placiphorina Kaas & Van Belle, 1994
Genus Plaxiphora Gray, 1847

Genus Amycula Gray, 1847 accepted as Amicula Gray, 1847 (incorrect subsequent spelling)
Genus Frembleya H. Adams, 1867 accepted as Plaxiphora (Frembleya) H. Adams, 1867 represented as Plaxiphora Gray, 1847
Genus Gallardoia Sirenko, 2007 accepted as Gallardochiton Sirenko, 2020 (invalid: junior homonym of Gallardoia Bruch, 1924 [Coleoptera]; Gallardochiton is a replacement name)
Genus Kopionella Ashby, 1919 accepted as Plaxiphora Gray, 1847 (synonym)
Genus Notochiton Thiele, 1906 accepted as Nuttallochiton Plate, 1899
Genus Nuttalochiton Plate, 1899 accepted as Nuttallochiton Plate, 1899 (original combination)
Genus Osteochiton Dall, 1886 accepted as Mopalia Gray, 1847
Genus Placophora Verrill & S. Smith [in Verrill], 1882 accepted as Placiphorella Dall, 1879 (junior synonym and unjustified emendation of Plaxiphora)
Genus Tomochiton P. Fischer, 1885 accepted as Boreochiton G.O. Sars, 1878 (synonym of Boreochiton, based on the same type species)
Genus Trochodochiton Rochebrune, 1884 accepted as Placiphorella Dall, 1879 (synonym)
Not documented
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