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Dana, J.D. (1853). Crustacea. Part II. In: United States Exploring Expedition. During the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. Under the command of Charles Wilkes. U. S. N. C. Sherman. Philadelphia. 14: 689-1618.
Dana, J.D.
Crustacea. Part II.
In: United States Exploring Expedition. During the years 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. Under the command of Charles Wilkes. U. S. N. C. Sherman. Philadelphia
14: 689-1618
Ant'Phipoda Literature database
The World Of Copepods (T. Chad Walter)
Ant'Phipoda Literature database

Patagonia, Terra del Fuego, Magellan Region incl. Falkland/Malvinas Islands
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Acanthodillo spinosus (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Actaecia Dana, 1853 (original description)
Actaecia euchroa Dana, 1853 (original description)
Aega efferata Dana, 1853 (original description)
Aega lecontii (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Aega magnifica (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Aega microphthalma Dana, 1853 (original description)
Aega novizealandiae Dana, 1853 (original description)
Aegina tenella Dana, 1853 accepted as Caprella tenella (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Alcirona multidigitata (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Allorchestes media Dana, 1853 accepted as Hyale media (Dana, 1853) accepted as Apohyale media (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Amphoroidea australiensis Dana, 1853 (original description)
Anisogammarus pugettensis pugettensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Apseudes Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Argeia Dana, 1853 (original description)
Argeia pugettensis Dana, 1853 (original description)
Atlantorchestoidea brasiliensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Caprella cornuta Dana, 1853 accepted as Caprella scaura Templeton, 1836 (original description)
Caprella cornuta f. obtusirostris Dana, 1853 accepted as Caprella scaura Templeton, 1836 (original description)
Cassidina latistylis Dana, 1853 accepted as Cassidina emarginata Guérin-Méneville, 1843 accepted as Cassidinopsis emarginata (Guérin-Méneville, 1843) (original description)
Ceratothoa crassa Dana, 1853 (original description)
Ceratothoa linearis Dana, 1853 accepted as Glossobius linearis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Cirolana latistylis Dana, 1853 (original description)
Clydonia Dana, 1850 accepted as Tyro H. Milne-Edwards, 1840 accepted as Scina Prestandrea, 1833 (original description)
Clydonia gracilis Dana, 1850 accepted as Scina crassicornis (Fabricius, 1775) (original description)
Clydonia longipes Dana, 1850 accepted as Scina crassicornis (Fabricius, 1775) (original description)
Corallana Dana, 1853 (original description)
Corallana hirticauda Dana, 1853 (original description)
Cratophium Dana, 1853 accepted as Jassa Leach, 1814 (original description)
Cratophium validum Dana, 1853 accepted as Jassa validum (Dana, 1853) accepted as Jassa valida (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Cristaserolis plana (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Cryptothir Dana, 1853 (original description)
Cryptothir minutus Dana, 1853 (original description)
Cyllopus magellanicus Dana, 1853 (original description)
Cymothoa recta Dana, 1853 (original description)
Dynoides globicauda (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Ericthonius (Pyctilus) brasiliensis Dana, 1853 accepted as Ericthonius brasiliensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Excirolana armata (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Excirolana orientalis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Exosphaeroma obtusum (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Galathea latirostris Dana, 1852 (original description)
Galathea spinosorostris Dana, 1852 (original description)
Galathea vitiensis Dana, 1852 (original description)
Gammarus brasiliensis Dana, 1853 accepted as Elasmopus brasiliensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Gibbesia prasinolineata (Dana, 1852) (original description)
Glossobius crassa (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Glossobius linearis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Gnorimosphaeroma oregonensis (Dana, 1853) accepted as Gnorimosphaeroma oregonense (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Iais pubescens (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Idotea brevicauda Dana, 1853 (original description)
Idotea hirtipes Dana, 1853 accepted as Pentidotea wosnesenskii (Brandt, 1851) (original description)
Idotea margaritacea Dana, 1853 accepted as Idotea metallica Bosc, 1802 (original description)
Idotea stricta Dana, 1853 accepted as Euidotea stricta (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Iphimedia capensis Dana, 1853 accepted as Atylus capensis (Dana, 1853) accepted as Pontogeneia capensis (Dana, 1853) accepted as Paramoera capensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Iphimedia fissicauda (Dana, 1852) accepted as Paramoera fissicauda (Dana, 1852) (new combination reference)
Isocladus calcareus (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Isocladus spiniger (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Jaera pubescens Dana, 1853 accepted as Iais pubescens (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Leptochelia Dana, 1849 (taxonomy source)
Lestrigonus fuscus Dana, 1853 accepted as Themistella fusca (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Ligia australiensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Ligia cursor Dana, 1853 (original description)
Ligia hawaiensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Ligia novizealandiae novizealandiae Dana, 1853 accepted as Ligia novizealandiae Dana, 1853 accepted as Ligia (Nesoligia) novizealandiae (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Ligia occidentalis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Ligia vitiensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Maera setipes Dana, 1853 accepted as Melita setipes (Dana, 1853) accepted as Quadrimaera setipes (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Nerocila aculeata Dana, 1853 (original description)
Nerocila armata Dana, 1853 (original description)
Nerocila brasiliensis Dana, 1853 (original description)
Nerocila tenuipes Dana, 1853 (original description)
Orchestia capensis Dana, 1853 accepted as Talorchestia capensis (Dana, 1853) accepted as Capeorchestia capensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Orchestia hawaiiensis Dana, 1853 accepted as Hawaiorchestia hawaiiensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Orchestia scutigerula Dana, 1853 accepted as Gondwanorchestia scutigerula (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Paratanais Dana, 1853 (original description)
Paratanais elongatus (Dana, 1849) (new combination reference)
Philoscia pubescens (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Phylladiorhynchus integrirostris (Dana, 1852) (original description)
Pickorchestia pickeringi (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Platophium brasiliense Dana, 1853 accepted as Podocerus brasiliensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Pontellidae Dana, 1852 (taxonomy source)
Porcellionides chilensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Porcellionides fuegiensis (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Pseudophiloscia angusta (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Rhoea Milne Edwards, 1828 accepted as Apseudes Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Scyphax Dana, 1853 (original description)
Scyphax ornatus Dana, 1853 (original description)
Spherillo Dana, 1853 (original description)
Spherillo hawaiensis Dana, 1853 (original description)
Spherillo monolinus Dana, 1853 (original description)
Spherillo speciosus (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Spherillo vitiensis Dana, 1853 (original description)
Spheroma Dana, 1853 accepted as Sphaeroma Bosc, 1801 (original description)
Spheroma Dana, 1853 accepted as Sphaeroma Bosc, 1801 (basis of record)
Spheroma armata (H. Milne Edwards, 1840) accepted as Cymodoce armata H. Milne Edwards, 1840 accepted as Isocladus armatus (H. Milne Edwards, 1840) (new combination reference)
Spheroma calcarea Dana, 1853 accepted as Isocladus calcareus (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Spheroma chilensis Dana, 1853 accepted as Exosphaeroma chilensis (Dana, 1853) accepted as Exosphaeroma chilense (Dana, 1853) (original description)
Spheroma gigas Leach, 1818 accepted as Sphaeroma gigas Leach, 1818 accepted as Exosphaeroma gigas (Leach, 1818) (basis of record)
Spheroma globicauda Dana, 1853 accepted as Sphaeroma globicauda Dana, 1853 (original description)
Spheroma lanceolata White, 1843 accepted as Exosphaeroma lanceolatum (White, 1843) (basis of record)
Atlantic Ocean for Clydonia Dana, 1850 
Australia for Allorchestes compressa Dana, 1852 
Brazil for Podocerus brasiliensis (Dana, 1853) 
Chile for Apohyale hirtipalma (Dana, 1852) 
Chile for Paramoera fissicauda (Dana, 1852) 
Fiji Islands for Lembos fuegiensis Dana, 1853 
Magellanic region for Apohyale media (Dana, 1853) 
Magellanic region for Gondogeneia simplex (Dana, 1852) 
Magellanic region for Orchestia scutigerula Dana, 1853 
Magellanic region for Peramphithoe femorata (Krøyer, 1845) 
Magellanic region for Protorchestia nitida (Dana, 1852) 
Magellanic region for Pseudiphimediella nodosa (Dana, 1852) 
Magellanic region for Stenia magellanica Dana, 1852 
New Zealand for Allorchestes novizealandiae Dana, 1852 
New Zealand for Melita inaequistylis Dana, 1852 
Pacific Ocean for Clydonia longipes Dana, 1850 
Pacific Ocean for Clydonia longipes Dana, 1850 
Rio De Janeiro for Apohyale media (Dana, 1853) 
Singapore for Cyrtophium orientale Dana, 1853 
Tierra del Fuego for Orchestia scutigerula Dana, 1853