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Aphelenchoides Fischer, 1894

227509  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:227509)

Species Aphelenchoides aerialis Chanu, Mohilal, Victoria & Shah, 2013
Species Aphelenchoides altaicus Khusainov, 2014
Species Aphelenchoides assamensis Chanu, Meitei & Shah, 2016
Species Aphelenchoides brevicauda Mahamood, Li, Keshari & Liang, 2015
Species Aphelenchoides fuchsi Esmaeili, Heydari, Ziaie & Gu, 2016
Species Aphelenchoides gorganensis Miraeiz, Heydari & Bert, 2017
Species Aphelenchoides gynotylurus Timm, 1969
Species Aphelenchoides hypotris Shah, Siddiqi & Handoo, 2015
Species Aphelenchoides lii (Huang & Ye, 2006) Kanzaki, Ekino & Masuya, 2019
Species Aphelenchoides longistylus Chanu & Mohilal, 2014
Species Aphelenchoides macrospica Golhasan, Heydari, Esmaeili &Miraez, 2017
Species Aphelenchoides manipurensis Chanu & Mohilal, 2018
Species Aphelenchoides marinus Timm, 1969
Species Aphelenchoides meghalayensis Bina & Mohilal, 2017
Species Aphelenchoides neominoris Chanu & Mohilal, 2014
Species Aphelenchoides paraxui Esmaeili, Heydari, Fang & Li, 2017
Species Aphelenchoides pseudogoodeyi Oliviera, Subbotin, Alvarez Ortega, Desaeger, Brito, Xavier, Freitas, Vau & Inserra, 2019
Species Aphelenchoides turnipi Israr, Shahina & Nasira, 2017

Species Aphelenchoides arachidis Bos, 1977 accepted as Robustodorus arachidis (Bos, 1977) Kanzaki, Shokoohi, Fourie, Swart, Muller & Giblin Davis, 2018 (unaccepted > junior objective synonym)
Species Aphelenchoides helicus Heyns, 1964 accepted as Robustodorus helicus (Heyns, 1964) Aliramaji, Pourjam, Alvarez Ortega, Afshar & Pedram, 2018 (unaccepted > junior objective synonym)
Species Aphelenchoides hodsoni Goodey, 1935 accepted as Robustodorus subtenuis (Cobb, 1926) Kanzaki, Shokoohi, Fourie, Swart, Muller & Giblin Davis, 2018 (unaccepted > junior subjective synonym)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
English leaf nematodes  [details]
German Blattnematoden  [details]