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Rochinia A. Milne-Edwards, 1875

106913  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:106913)

Species Rochinia cornuta (Rathbun, 1898)
Species Rochinia gracilipes A. Milne-Edwards, 1875
Species Rochinia hystrix (Stimpson, 1871)
Species Rochinia occidentalis (Faxon, 1893)
Species Rochinia tanneri (Smith, 1883)

Species Rochinia ahyongi McLay, 2009 accepted as Samadinia ahyongi (McLay, 2009) (basionym)
Species Rochinia annae Richer de Forges & Poore, 2008 accepted as Samadinia annae (Richer de Forges & Poore, 2008) (basionym)
Species Rochinia beauchampi (Alcock & Anderson, 1894) accepted as Crocydocinus beauchampi (Alcock & Anderson, 1894) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia boucheti Richer de Forges & PKL Ng, 2013 accepted as Samadinia boucheti (Richer de Forges & PKL Ng, 2013) (basionym)
Species Rochinia brevirostris (Doflein, 1904) accepted as Crocydocinus brevirostris (Doflein, 1904)
Species Rochinia carpenteri (C. W. Thomson, 1873) accepted as Scyramathia carpenteri (C. W. Thomson, 1873)
Species Rochinia cidaris BY Lee, Richer de Forges & PKL Ng, 2019 accepted as Samadinia cidaris (BY Lee, Richer de Forges & PKL Ng, 2019) (basionym)
Species Rochinia confusa Tavares, 1991 accepted as Scyramathia umbonata (Stimpson, 1871) (junior synonym)
Species Rochinia crassa (A. Milne-Edwards, 1879) accepted as Minyorhyncha crassa (A. Milne-Edwards, 1878) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia crosnieri Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Crocydocinus crosnieri (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia daiyuae Takeda & Komatsu, 2005 accepted as Samadinia daiyuae (Takeda & Komatsu, 2005) (basionym)
Species Rochinia debilis Rathbun, 1932 accepted as Samadinia debilis (Rathbun, 1932) (basionym)
Species Rochinia decipiata A.B. Williams & Eldredge, 1994 accepted as Crocydocinus decipiata (A.B. Williams & Eldredge, 1994) (basionym)
Species Rochinia despereaux BY Lee, Richer de Forges & PKL Ng, 2019 accepted as Samadinia despereaux (BY Lee, Richer de Forges & PKL Ng, 2019) (basionym)
Species Rochinia fultoni (Grant, 1905) accepted as Oxypleurodon fultoni (Grant, 1905) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia galathea Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia galathea (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia globulifera (Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock, 1891) accepted as Laubierinia globulifera (Wood-Mason in Wood-Mason & Alcock, 1891) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia granulosa PKL Ng & Richer de Forges, 2013 accepted as Samadinia granulosa (PKL Ng & Richer de Forges, 2013) (basionym)
Species Rochinia griffini Davie & Short, 1989 accepted as Samadinia griffini (Davie & Short, 1989) (basionym)
Species Rochinia hertwigi (Doflein, 1904) accepted as Scyramathia hertwigi Doflein, 1904 (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia kotakae Takeda, 2001 accepted as Samadinia kotakae (Takeda, 2001) (basionym)
Species Rochinia makassar Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia makassar (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia miyakensis Takeda & Marumura, 2014 accepted as Samadinia miyakensis (Takeda & Marumura, 2014) (basionym)
Species Rochinia moluccensis Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia moluccensis (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia mosaica (Whitelegge, 1900) accepted as Samadinia mosaica (Whitelegge, 1900) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia natalensis Kensley, 1977 accepted as Samadinia natalensis (Kensley, 1977) (basionym)
Species Rochinia paulayi PKL Ng & Richer de Forges, 2007 accepted as Samadinia paulayi (PKL Ng & Richer de Forges, 2007) (basionym)
Species Rochinia planirostris Takeda, 2009 accepted as Samadinia planirostris (Takeda, 2009) (basionym)
Species Rochinia pulchra (Miers, 1885) accepted as Samadinia pulchra (Miers, 1885) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia rissoana (P. Roux, 1828) accepted as Anamathia rissoana (P. Roux, 1828 [in P. Roux, 1828-1830])
Species Rochinia riversandersoni (Alcock, 1895) accepted as Samadinia riversandersoni (Alcock, 1895) (superseded combination)
Species Rochinia sibogae Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia sibogae (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia soela Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia soela (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia strangeri Serène & Lohavanijaya, 1973 accepted as Samadinia strangeri (Serène & Lohavanijaya, 1973) (basionym)
Species Rochinia suluensis Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia suluensis (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia tomentosa Griffin & Tranter, 1986 accepted as Samadinia tomentosa (Griffin & Tranter, 1986) (basionym)
Species Rochinia umbonata (Stimpson, 1871) accepted as Scyramathia umbonata (Stimpson, 1871)
Species Rochinia vesicularis (Rathbun, 1907) accepted as Pugettia vesicularis (Rathbun, 1907) (superseded combination)
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Publication date Milne-Edwards, 1875 [details]
Japanese ハリツノガニ属  [details]