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Zhadan, Anna. (2015). Cossuridae (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sedentaria) from Australian and adjacent waters: the first faunistic survey. Records of the Australian Museum. 67(1): 1-24.
10.3853/j.2201-4349.67.2015.1639 [view]
Zhadan, Anna
Cossuridae (Annelida: Polychaeta: Sedentaria) from Australian and adjacent waters: the first faunistic survey
Records of the Australian Museum
67(1): 1-24
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
The collection of Cossuridae at the Australian Museum was investigated. Nine species were identified. Most specimens were from New South Wales and Queensland, but some specimens were also from Victoria, New Zealand, Fiji, Borneo, and the Philippines. Three new species were described: Cossura hutchingsae n.sp., C. keablei n.sp., and C. queenslandensis n.sp. Cossura consimilis Read, 2000 was redescribed using non-type material. Cossura aciculata (Wu & Chen, 1977) was identified from the coast of Borneo and the Philippines for the first time, and intraspecific variability in the number of thoracic chaetigers noted for that species. Three species, C. cf. ginesi, C. cf. longocirrata and C. cf. pygodactylata, were found to be morphologically similar to C. ginesi, C. longocirrata, and C. pygodactylata, respectively, but probably represent new species as they were found far from the known areas of the listed species. A key of the known cossurid species of Australian and adjacent waters is given, and taxonomical characteristics of Cossuridae are discussed.
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2015-03-16 02:28:06Z

Cossura Webster & Benedict, 1887 (identification resource)

named for Pat Hutchings [details]


named for Steven Keable, Australian Museum collection manager [details]


named for the Australian state of the type locality [details]

 Type locality

South of Spectacle Island, Hawkesbury River, New South Wales, Australia, -33.5417, 151.225, 5 m depth (as given ... [details]

 Type locality

Suva Harbour, Fiji, -18.1333, 178.4167, depth not stated [details]

 Type locality

Calliope River, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, -23.85, 151.1667, 8.3 m depth. The geolocation as given for the ... [details]

 Type material

Although the type locality is Suva Harbour, Fiji, 3 paratypes are designated from material collected on the west ... [details]

 Type specimen

Holotype an anterior fragment of 18 chaetigers. Posterior end of species is unknown. [details]

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