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479175  (

Ehlers, 1985
Order Fecampiida
Superorder Macrostomorpha
Superclass Neodermata
Order Polycladida
Order Prolecithophora
Order Proseriata
Order Rhabdocoela
Order Tricladida
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
CaRMS (2021). Rhabditophora. Accessed at: on 2021-05-14
Nozères, C., Kennedy, M.K. (Eds.) (2021). Canadian Register of Marine Species. Rhabditophora. Accessed at: on 2021-05-14
2010-06-15 07:03:37Z
2019-01-22 21:17:12Z

Not documented
 Present  Inaccurate  Introduced: alien  Containing type locality 
From editor or global species database
Classification The classification used here is a compromise between the more traditional taxonomy of Neodermata vs. the turbellarians. Yet it reflects the fact that Neodermata is within free-living flatworms (i.e. turbellaria are paraphyletic). It mentions all traditional taxa that are found in phylogenetic studies (e.g. Laumer et al., 2015). Many of the "in-between" higher level taxa (such as Trepaxonemata etc.) are no longer in WoRMS (probably more user friendly that way). This also means an asymmetry between turbellarians (nine ordines) and Neodermata (superclass with three classes). [details]
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