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Marenzeller, E. von. (1885 [as separate 1884]). Südjapanische Anneliden. II. Ampharetea, Terebellacea, Sabellacea, Serpulacea. Denkschriften der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien. 49 (2): 197-224, 4 plates.
Marenzeller, E. von
1885 [as separate 1884]
Südjapanische Anneliden. II. Ampharetea, Terebellacea, Sabellacea, Serpulacea
Denkschriften der Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien
49 (2): 197-224, 4 plates
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Known available as a separate November 1884 (fide 'Nature Novitates') but volume published 1885
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Pista fasciata (Grube, 1869) (additional source)
Pista maculata Marenzeller, 1884 accepted as Pista elongata Moore, 1909 (original description)
Enoshima for Pista fasciata (Grube, 1869) 
Tokyo Bay for Pista fasciata (Grube, 1869)  (doubtful)

WoRMS previously listed the author as Marenzeller 1885, based on the entry in Hartman Catalogue, p.498. The ... [details]

 Editor's comment

Marenzeller compared Serpula princeps with his Serpula granulosa. However, Grube (1877) as detailed by Marenzeller ... [details]


Not stated, but for E. exaltatus Marenzeller (1885: 217) described the character of the opercular verticil spines ... [details]


Not stated, but the name for H. multispinosa evidently refers adjectivally to multiple lateral spinules on the ... [details]

 Type locality

East coast of Enoshima Island (“Ostküste der Insel Eno-sima”), Sagami Bay, Honshu, Japan (it is only ~0.5 km ... [details]

 Type locality

Shore at Eno-sima (Enoshima), Sagami Bay, Honshu, Japan. There is an Enoshima-rettō Island, also off Honshu, but ... [details]

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