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Antarctic Peninsula for Cephalodiscus fumosus John, 1931 
Antarctic Peninsula for Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 
Antarctic Peninsula for Cephalodiscus nigrescens Lankester, 1905 
Bassian for Rhabdopleura annulata Norman, 1921 
Cape Howe for Rhabdopleura annulata Norman, 1921 
East Antarctic Wilkes Land for Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 
East Antarctic Wilkes Land for Cephalodiscus nigrescens Lankester, 1905 
Gulf of Maine/Bay of Fundy for Stereobalanus canadensis (Spengel, 1893) 
Gulf of St. Lawrence - Eastern Scotian Shelf for Stereobalanus canadensis (Spengel, 1893) 
Magellanic for Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 
North Sea for Stereobalanus canadensis (Spengel, 1893) 
Ross Sea for Cephalodiscus fumosus John, 1931 
Ross Sea for Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 
Ross Sea for Cephalodiscus nigrescens Lankester, 1905 
South Georgia for Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 
Southern Grand Banks - South Newfoundland for Stereobalanus canadensis (Spengel, 1893) 
Southern New Zealand for Rhabdopleura annulata Norman, 1921 
Virginian for Stereobalanus canadensis (Spengel, 1893) 
Weddell Sea for Cephalodiscus fumosus John, 1931 
Weddell Sea for Cephalodiscus hodgsoni Ridewood, 1907 
Weddell Sea for Cephalodiscus nigrescens Lankester, 1905 
 Depth range

Continental slope (30 to 200 m), 200 m. Also recorded at 550 m (Iziko South African Museum - Crustacean Collection ... [details]

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