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Andrássy, I. (2006). Halomonhystera, a new genus distinct from Geomonhystera Andrássy, 1981 (Nematoda: Monhysteridae). Meiofauna Marina. 15, 11-24, 2 figs.
Andrássy, I.
Halomonhystera, a new genus distinct from Geomonhystera Andrássy, 1981 (Nematoda: Monhysteridae)
Meiofauna Marina
15, 11-24, 2 figs.
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NeMys doc_id: 17739
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The genus Geomonhystera Andrassy, 1981 was originally erected to include continental, terrestrial forms. Several marine species were subsequently transferred to this genus, rendering Geomonhystera into a strongly heterogeneous taxon morphologically. To clarify the differences between the marine species and the terrestrial ones, a separate genus, Halomonhystera gen. n., is proposed here. The new genus clearly differs from Geomonhystera in the shape and structure of cephalic setae, the short oesophagus, the short and simple rectum, the shape of spicula and gubernaculum, as well as in habit. The known species of Halomonhystera are briefly diagnosed and two new species, H. halophila and H. continentalis are described from two saline/semi-saline lakes of Antarctica. A key to the ten valid species is provided.
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