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Cooper, G. A. (1972). Homeomorphy in recent deep-sea brachiopods. Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology. 11:1–25, fig. 1–5, pl. 1–4.
Cooper, G. A.
Homeomorphy in recent deep-sea brachiopods
Smithsonian Contributions to Paleobiology
11:1–25, fig. 1–5, pl. 1–4
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A collection of brachiopods from the Baja California Abyssal Plain forms a deep-sea assemblage unusual in that it contains three genera that are unrelated but externally almost identical; i.e., they .are homeomorphs. One is Neorhynchia, an impunctate rhynchonellid; the second, a punctate terebratulid with short loop, is called Abyssothyris; and the third is referred to a new genus, Notorygmia, related to Macandrevia. A discussion of homeomorphy is followed by the systematics of the genera and species involved.
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Eastern Pacific for Magellania wyvillei (Davidson, 1878) 
Pacific Coast of Mexico for Abyssothyris elongata Cooper, 1972 
Pacific Coast of Mexico for Notorygmia abyssa Cooper, 1972 
Pacific Coast of the United States for Neorhynchia profunda Cooper, 1972 
Lectotype USNM 110741a, geounit Eastern Pacific, identified as Neorhynchia strebeli (Dall, 1908)
Holotype USNM 550392d, geounit Pacific Coast of the United States, identified as Neorhynchia profunda Cooper, 1972
Holotype USNM 550397m, geounit Pacific Coast of Mexico, identified as Abyssothyris elongata Cooper, 1972
Holotype USNM 550402b, geounit Pacific Coast of Mexico, identified as Notorygmia abyssa Cooper, 1972
 Taxonomic remark

Neorhynchia abyssa is a typographic error of Notorygmia abyssa on p. 5 of Cooper (1972). In Cooper (1972) no ... [details]

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