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Marques, A.C., Cantero A.L.P., Migotto A.E., 2005. Revision of the genus Cryptolarella Stechow, 1913 (Lafoeidae, Leptothecata, Hydrozoa). Journal of Natural History 39 9: 709-722.
Marques, A. C.; Cantero, A. L. P.; Migotto, A. E.
Revision of the genus Cryptolarella Stechow
Lafoeidae, Leptothecata, Hydrozoa). Journal of Natural History
39(9): 709-722
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The bathyal genus Cryptolarella, comprising three known species. Cryptalarella abyssicola (Allman. 1888), Cryptolarella diffusa (Allman, 1888) and Cyptolarella humilis (Allman. 1888). is reviewed after the study of the holotypes of the species. A complete redescription and characterization of the species, including new data concerning morphometry and cnidome is presented. and its literature data reviewed. We conclude that all species are conspecific, resulting in a single valid species, G. abyssicala. The distinctive characters of the species are the growth habit, gonothecal arrangement and cnidome.
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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