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Rozbaczylo, Nicolás; Moreno, Rodrigo A.; Díaz-Díaz, Oscar; Vásquez-Yáñez, Pamela. (2020). Poliquetos holoplanctónicos en Chile. Boletín del Instituto Oceanográfico de Venezuela. 59(1): 140-190.
Rozbaczylo, Nicolás; Moreno, Rodrigo A.; Díaz-Díaz, Oscar; Vásquez-Yáñez, Pamela
Poliquetos holoplanctónicos en Chile
Boletín del Instituto Oceanográfico de Venezuela
59(1): 140-190
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD). There is no DOI, and no active journal website
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In this work we present the holoplanktonic polychaete species that have been recorded in Chile, from the information available in the literature, considering the limits of the area called “Mar Presencial de Chile”, and also recent records obtained by us during the oceanographic cruise CIMAR 21 Islands, along a transect from the coast off Caldera to Rapa Nui and Isla Salas y Gómez. In Chile, 33 species belonging to 8 families have been registered (12 species of Alciopini (Phyllodocidae), 7 of Tomopteridae, 5 of Lopadorrhynchidae, 3 of Typhloscolecidae, 2 of Iospilidae, 2 of Polynoidae, one of Pontodoridae and one of Flabelligeridae). Within the geographical area, the registered species are distributed as follows: 24 off the coast of Chile and inside Patagonian fjords and channels, 18 near Rapa Nui, 6 near Salas y Gómez Island, 15 in the near the Juan Fernández archipelago and 12 in the vicinity of the Desventuradas islands (San Félix and San Ambrosio). Revised diagnostic characteristics for each family, genus and species found were included; keys are provided for the recognition of these taxa; as well as geographic distribution maps for species, for each family, based on the coordinates of the oceanographic stations delivered by the corresponding expeditions, and a glossary with the main morphological terms used in the characterizations provided is included
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Alciopini Ehlers, 1864 (identification resource)
Tomopteridae Grube, 1850 (identification resource)
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