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Sanamyan, K. (2007). Database of extant Ascidiacea. Version of 2 November 2007.
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Abyssascidia Herdman, 1880 (additional source)
Agnesia Michaelsen, 1898 accepted as Agnezia Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1991 (source of synonymy)
Agnesiopsis Monniot C., 1969 accepted as Corynascidia Herdman, 1882 (source of synonymy)
Agnezia Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1991 (basis of record)
Agneziidae Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1991 (basis of record)
Amaroucium Milne Edwards, 1841 accepted as Aplidium Savigny, 1816 (additional source)
Amaroucium caeruleum Sluiter, 1906 accepted as Aplidium cyaneum Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1983 (basis of record)
Anomopera Hartmeyer, 1923 (additional source)
Aplidiopsis Lahille, 1890 (additional source)
Aplidiopsis georgianum (Sluiter, 1932) (basis of record)
Aplidium Savigny, 1816 (additional source)
Aplidium incrustans (Herdman, 1891) accepted as Aplidium solidum (Ritter & Forsyth, 1917) (basis of record)
Araneum Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1973 (basis of record)
Archidistoma Garstang, 1891 (additional source)
Archidistoma psammion (Ritter & Forsyth, 1917) accepted as Eudistoma psammion Ritter & Forsyth, 1917 (basis of record)
Asajirus Kott, 1989 (basis of record)
Ascidiidae Herdman, 1882 (basis of record)
Ascopera Herdman, 1881 accepted as Molgula Forbes, 1848 (basis of record)
Bathyoncus Herdman, 1882 (additional source)
Bathypera Michaelsen, 1904 (additional source)
Bathystyeloides Seeliger, 1907 (additional source)
Benthascidia Ritter, 1907 (basis of record)
Caenagnesia Ärnbäck-Christie-Linde, 1938 (additional source)
Caesira Fleming, 1822 accepted as Molgula Forbes, 1848 (basis of record)
Chorizocormus Herdman, 1886 accepted as Polyzoa Lesson, 1831 (basis of record)
Cionidae Lahille, 1887 (additional source)
Clavelina Savigny, 1816 (additional source)
Clavelina molluccensis (Sluiter, 1904) accepted as Clavelina moluccensis (Sluiter, 1904) (basis of record)
Clavelinidae Forbes & Hanley, 1848 (additional source)
Coelocormus Herdman, 1886 (basis of record)
Cryptia Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1985 (basis of record)
Ctenyura Van Name, 1918 (basis of record)
Diazonidae Seeliger, 1906 (additional source)
Didemnidae Giard, 1872 (additional source)
Didemnum psammatodes (Sluiter, 1895) (basis of record)
Dimeatidae Sanamyan, 2001 (basis of record)
Eugyra pilularis (Verrill, 1871) accepted as Bostrichobranchus pilularis (Verrill, 1871) (basis of record)
Fungulus Herdman, 1882 (basis of record)
Hemistyela Millar, 1955 (basis of record)
Hexacrobylidae Seeliger, 1906 accepted as Molgulidae Lacaze-Duthiers, 1877 (basis of record)
Hexacrobylus Sluiter, 1905 accepted as Oligotrema Bourne, 1903 (basis of record)
Hexacrobylus arcticus Hartmeyer, 1923 accepted as Asajirus indicus (Oka, 1913) (basis of record)
Hexadactylus eunuchus (Monniot F. & Monniot C., 1976) accepted as Asajirus indicus (Oka, 1913) (basis of record)
Holozoidae Berrill, 1950 (basis of record)
Hypsistozoa Brewin, 1953 (basis of record)
Megalodicopia Oka, 1918 (basis of record)
Millarus Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1988 (basis of record)
Minipera Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1974 (basis of record)
Minostyela Kott, 1969 accepted as Styela Fleming, 1822 (basis of record)
Molgula immunda (Hartmeyer, 1909) accepted as Molguloides immunda (Hartmeyer, 1909) (basis of record)
Molgulidae Lacaze-Duthiers, 1877 (basis of record)
Monandrocarpa Michaelsen, 1904 (basis of record)
Monandrocarpa simplicigona (Millar, 1975) (basis of record)
Mysterascidia Monniot C. & Monniot F., 1982 (basis of record)
Octacnemidae (basis of record)
Oligotrema Bourne, 1903 (basis of record)
Pandocia Fleming, 1822 accepted as Polycarpa Heller, 1877 (basis of record)
Paramolgula Traustedt, 1885 (basis of record)
Pharyngodictyon Herdman, 1886 (basis of record)
Polycitoridae Michaelsen, 1904 (basis of record)
Polyclinidae Milne Edwards, 1841 (basis of record)
Polyzoa reticulata (Herdman, 1886) (basis of record)
Proagnesia Millar, 1955 (additional source)
Protoholozoa Kott, 1969 (additional source)
Pseudodiazona Millar, 1963 (basis of record)
Pterygascidia Sluiter, 1904 (basis of record)
Pyura ovifera (Linnaeus, 1767) accepted as Boltenia ovifera (Linnaeus, 1767) (basis of record)
Pyuridae Hartmeyer, 1908 (basis of record)
Rhopalaea Philippi, 1843 (additional source)
Ritterellidae Kott, 1992 (basis of record)
Situla Vinogradova, 1969 (basis of record)
Styela bathyphila (Millar, 1955) accepted as Cnemidocarpa bathyphila Millar, 1955 (basis of record)
Styelidae Herdman, 1881 (basis of record)
Sycozoa Lesson, 1832 (additional source)
Tylobranchion Herdman, 1886 (additional source)
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