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Dales, R.P. 1955. The pelagic polychaetes of Monterey Bay, California. Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Ser. 12, 8: 434-444.
10.1080/00222935508656070 [view]
Dales, R. P.
The pelagic polychaetes of Monterey Bay, California
Annals and Magazine of Natural History, Ser
12(8): 434-444
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyD)
None. Begins: "There are few records of pelagic polychaetes from the Pacific, and hitherto none from the coast of central California. A complete review of the pelagic polychaetes which are known to occur in the Pacific, based mainly on a study of the collections made during the California Cooperative Sardine Research Programme, has, however, been made by the present writer and will be appearing elsewhere (Dales, in press). As this latter paper is intended to be comprehensive, only brief notes are given here, though a key to the species that have been found in Monterey Bay is given for the use of plankton workers in this region."
California quadrant
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Vanadis tagensis Dales, 1955 (original description)
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