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Philippi, A. (1844). Einige Bemerkungen über die Gattung Serpula, nebst Aufzählung der von mir im Mittelmeer mit dem Thier beobachteten Arten. Archiv für Naturgeschichte, Berlin. 10(1): 186-198, plate 6.
Philippi, A.
Einige Bemerkungen über die Gattung Serpula, nebst Aufzählung der von mir im Mittelmeer mit dem Thier beobachteten Arten
Archiv für Naturgeschichte, Berlin
10(1): 186-198, plate 6
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). A subsequent translation of this article into English is in the Annals & Magazine of Natural History. See Aphia source 51406. Philippi gives no localities but Rafael La Perna - Rudolph Amandus Philippi states Philippi's most commonly mentioned localities were Palermo, Catania and Messina (all Sicily) and Naples.
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Apomatus Philippi, 1844 (original description)
Placostegus Philippi, 1844 (original description)
Pomatoceros Philippi, 1844 accepted as Spirobranchus Blainville, 1818 (original description)

Philippi’s brief Latin description of E. pectinatus describes the operculum spines as ‘utrinque pectinatis’ ... [details]


Not stated, but Philippi described the verticil spines as with “cornubus octo, apice incurvo uncinatis” (eight ... [details]


Not stated, but named 'polytrema' for the series of cell spaces in the tube, which Philippi comments on. Quote from ... [details]

 Original Combination

See etymology remarks for Vermilia polytrema. Vermilia is feminine, Spirobranchus is masculine. Trema by itself is ... [details]

 Type locality

Tyrrhenian Sea unspecified. Philippi’s Mediterranean work was only in Italy, and he was based in Naples prior to ... [details]

 Type locality

Unspecified Mediterranean, but can be narrowed to the Tyrrhenian Sea coast of Italy as Philippi’s activities were ... [details]

 Type species

Philippi named Eupomatus uncinatus and E. pectinatus. At least by the date of Hartman catalogue (1959) E. uncinatus ... [details]

 Type species

Hartman catalogue gives Serpula triquetra (as Pomatoceros triqueter) as type species of Pomatoceros, but the type ... [details]

 Type specimen

Some of the Mediterranean mollusc material of Philippi exists, but nothing appears to be known of the serpulids. ... [details]

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