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Echinoidea source details

Pawson, D. L. 1978. The echinoderm fauna of Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean. Smithsonian Contributions to the Marine Sciences 2, i-iv, 1-31.
Pawson, D. L.
The echinoderm fauna of Ascension Island, South Atlantic Ocean. Smithsonian Contributions to
the Marine Sciences
2: 1-31
Two recent intertidal collecting expeditions and existing museum collections have added much to knowledge of the Ascension Island echinoderm fauna. Twenty-five species are now known from Ascension; eight are new records. One new species, Holothuria (Halodeima) manningi, and one new subspecies, Echinometra lucunter polypora, are described. Diadema ascensionis Mortensen is regarded as a subspecies of D. antillarum Philippi, and Pseudoboletia atlantica H. L. Clark is regarded as a subspecies of P. maculata Troschel. The echinoderm fauna of Ascension Island includes 8 amphi-Atlantic species, 3 western Atlantic species, 4 eastern Atlantic species, 5 circumtropical species, 4 species shared only with St. Helena, and I endemic species. There are in addition three endemic subspecies. Twelve species are shared with St. Helena, and both islands are closely similar in terms of numbers and relationships of their faunal components. Colonization of both islands by planktonic larval stages is suggested. Dendrochirotid holothurians, which lack such larval stages, are not represented at either St. Helena or Ascension. The structure of the Ascension fauna seems to have been determined by vagaries of ocean surface and subsurface currents. In contrast, Bermuda, which sits astride the Gulf Stream, has a fauna that is entirely typical of the West Indian region to the the south.
South Atlantic
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St. Helena and Ascension Islands for Echinometra lucunter polypora Pawson, 1978 

Pawson (1978) considered ascensionis as subspecies of D. antillarum based on its restriction to a few Atlantic ... [details]

 Type locality

Ascension and St. Helena, South Atlantic Ocean [details]

 Type material

HT: USNM E16206; PT: USNM E16179 to E16187, E16189 to E16191 [details]

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