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Earland, A. (1934). Foraminifera. Part III. The Falklands sector of the Antarctic (excluding South Georgia). Discovery Reports, University Press, Cambridge. 10 (1935): p 1-208.
Earland, A.
Foraminifera. Part III. The Falklands sector of the Antarctic (excluding South Georgia).
Discovery Reports, University Press, Cambridge
10 (1935): p 1-208.
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Ammobaculites agglutinans var. filiformis Earland, 1934 accepted as Ammobaculites filiformis Earland, 1934 (original description)
Ammobaculites foliaceus var. recurva Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Ammocibicides Earland, 1934 (original description)
Ammocibicides pontoni Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Ammocibicides proteus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Ammoflintina Earland, 1934 (original description)
Ammoflintina trihedra Earland, 1934 (original description)
Ammomarginulina recurva Earland, 1934 (original description)
Astrorhiza polygona Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Bathysiphon argillaceus Earland, 1934 accepted as Argillotuba argillacea (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Botellina goesii Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Cassidulina lens Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Cibicides corticatus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Cibicides grossepunctatus Earland, 1934 accepted as Hanzawaia grossepunctata (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Cibicides refulgens var. corticata Earland, 1934 accepted as Cibicides refulgens var. corticatus Earland, 1934 accepted as Cibicides corticatus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Cibicides refulgens var. corticatus Earland, 1934 accepted as Cibicides corticatus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Cystammina argentea Earland, 1934 (original description)
Delosina complanata Earland, 1934 (original description)
Delosina polymorphinoides Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Delosina sutilis Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Delosina wiesneri Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Discorbis translucens Earland, 1934 (original description)
Ehrenbergina parva Earland, 1934 † accepted as Cassidulinoides parvus (Earland, 1934) † accepted as Cassidulinoides parva (Earland, 1934) † (original description)
Eponides bradyi Earland, 1934 accepted as Osangulariella bradyi (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Eponides sidebottomi Earland, 1934 accepted as Oridorsalis sidebottomi (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Gaudryina deformis Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Gaudryina minuta Earland, 1934 (original description)
Gaudryina pauperata Earland, 1934 (original description)
Globigerina megastoma Earland, 1934 accepted as Beella megastoma (Earland, 1934) accepted as Beella digitata (Brady, 1879) (original description)
Haplophragmoides quadratus Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Heronallenia gemmata Earland, 1934 (original description)
Hyperammina tubulosa Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena basireticulata Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena clowesiana Earland, 1934 (original description)
Lagena deaconi Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena glans Earland, 1934 † accepted as Oolina glans (Earland, 1934) † (original description)
Lagena globosa var. setosa Earland, 1934 accepted as Oolina setosa (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Lagena guntheri Earland, 1934 accepted as Homalohedra guntheri (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Lagena heronalleni Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena johni Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena lagenoides var. debilis Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena marginata var. spinifera Earland, 1934 accepted as Lagenosolenia incomposita Patterson & Pettis, 1986 (original description)
Lagena palliolata Earland, 1934 accepted as Fissurina palliolata (Earland, 1934) accepted as Palliolatella palliolata (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Lagena pseudauriticulata Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Lagena quadrilatera Earland, 1934 accepted as Laculatina quadrilatera (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Lagena quadrilatera var. striatula Earland, 1934 accepted as Laculatina striatula (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Lagena semilineata var. spinigera Earland, 1934 accepted as Lagena spinigera Earland, 1934 accepted as Lagena semilineata subsp. sica Boltovskoy & Giussani de Kahn, 1990 (original description)
Lagena sidebottomi Earland, 1934 accepted as Exsculptina sidebottomi (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Nodosaria communis var. larva Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Pilulina arenacea Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Placopsilinella Earland, 1934 (original description)
Placopsilinella aurantiaca Earland, 1934 (original description)
Polymorphina scoresbyana Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Pseudobulimina Earland, 1934 (original description)
Recurvoides Earland, 1934 (original description)
Recurvoides contortus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Reophax bicameratus Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Reophax micaceus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Sorosphaera socialis Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Spirolocammina Earland, 1934 (original description)
Spirolocammina tenuis Earland, 1934 (original description)
Spiroloculina pusilla Earland, 1934 accepted as Spirosigmoilina pusilla (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Spiroplectammina filiformis Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Spiroplectammina subcylindrica Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Spiroplectella Earland, 1934 (original description)
Spiroplectella cylindroides Earland, 1934 (original description)
Technitella bradyi Earland, 1934 (original description)
Textularia paupercula Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Thurammina corrugata Earland, 1934 (original description)
Thurammina spumosa Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Trochammina alternans Earland, 1934 accepted as Alterammina alternans (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Trochammina conica Earland, 1934 (original description)
Trochammina discorbis Earland, 1934 accepted as Deuterammina discorbis (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Trochammina grisea Earland, 1934 accepted as Deuterammina grisea (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Trochammina inconspicua Earland, 1934 accepted as Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Trochammina tricamerata Earland, 1934 accepted as Paratrochammina (Paratrochammina) tricamerata (Earland, 1934) represented as Paratrochammina tricamerata (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Trochamminopsis conicus Earland, 1934 (original description)
Verneuilina superba Earland, 1934 accepted as Verneuilinoides superba (Earland, 1934) (original description)
Webbinella farcta Earland, 1934 † (original description)
Amundsen Sea for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Bellingshausen Sea for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Brabant Island for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Bransfield Strait for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
De Gerlach Strait for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Drake Passage for Discorbis translucent Earland, 1934 
Drake Passage for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
East South Shetland Islands for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
East Weddell Sea for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Livingston Island for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
North South Shetland Islands for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Scotia Sea for Alterammina alternans (Earland, 1934) 
Scotia Sea for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
Scotia Sea for Eponides sidebottomi Earland, 1934 
South King George Island for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
South Sandwich Islands for Alterammina alternans (Earland, 1934) 
South Sandwich Islands for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
South West Deception Island for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934) 
West Adelaide Island for Alterammina alternans (Earland, 1934) 
West Adelaide Island for Earlandammina inconspicua (Earland, 1934)