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Odrzywolska-Bieńkowa, E.; Pożaryska, K. (1984). Priabonian foraminifers of the Polish Lowlands. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica. 29 (3-4): 107-156.
Odrzywolska-Bieńkowa, E.; Pożaryska, K.
Priabonian foraminifers of the Polish Lowlands
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica
29 (3-4): 107-156
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Warm-water foraminifer assemblages indicate that the area of the Polish Lowlands have been situated within the extend of influences of the Mediterranean province in the Priabonian. The paper presents a first attempt to summarize the avaluable data on influences of that province in the extra-Carpathian Poland. The stratigraphic setting of the described species and ecological and bathymetric conditions in the basin are reconstructed on the basis of comparisons with coeval assemblages of the same type from other countries and correlation with nannoplankton datings. The migration of warm water species from areas adjoining the Carpathian geosyncline far to the north are explained as due to tectonic pulses of the Pyrenean phase of the Alpine orogeny. The foraminifer microfauna appears clearly different in character from the coeval one from Northern Poland (Leba Elevation and Puck Embayment).
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Anomalinoides granosus (Hantken, 1875) (new combination reference)
Asterigerina bartoniana (Ten Dam, 1947) † (new combination reference)
Baggina subconica (Terquem, 1882) † accepted as Cancris subconicus (Terquem, 1882) † (new combination reference)
Cibicides omphalius (Grzybowski, 1895) † (new combination reference)
Cibicides sulzensis (Herrmann, 1917) † (new combination reference)
Cibicides tenellus (Reuss, 1865) † accepted as Cibicidoides tenellus (Reuss, 1865) † (new combination reference)
Clavulina anglica (Cushman, 1936) † (new combination reference)
Cribrononion latidorsatum (Reuss, 1864) † accepted as Elphidium latidorsatum (Reuss, 1864) † (new combination reference)
Discorbis brandenburgensis (Kiesel & Lotsch, 1963) † (new combination reference)
Florilus winnianus (Howe, 1939) † accepted as Nonionella winniana Howe, 1939 † (new combination reference)
Heterolepa perlucida (Nuttall, 1932) † (new combination reference)
Lagena hexagona (Williamson, 1848) accepted as Favulina hexagona (Williamson, 1848) (new combination reference)
Lenticulina herrmanni (Andreae, 1896) † accepted as Astacolus herrmanni (Andreae, 1896) † (new combination reference)
Neoconorbina obvoluta (Terquem, 1882) † accepted as Rosalina obvoluta (Terquem, 1882) † (new combination reference)
Pararotalia lithothamnica (Uhlig, 1886) † accepted as Neorotalia burdigalensis (d'Orbigny, 1852) † (new combination reference)
Pyrgo appendiculata (Eichwald, 1850) † (new combination reference)
Pyrgo bulloides (d'Orbigny, 1826) (new combination reference)
Quinqueloculina serovae (Bogdanovich, 1952) † accepted as Cycloforina serovae (Bogdanovich, 1952) † (new combination reference)
Raphanulina tuberculata (d'Orbigny, 1846) † accepted as Globulina punctata d'Orbigny, 1846 (new combination reference)
Reussella sculptilis (Cushman, 1926) † (new combination reference)
Trifarina germanica (Cushman & Edwards, 1938) † (new combination reference)
Vertebralina eocaena Odrzywolska-Bieńkowa & Pożaryska, 1984 † (original description)
Vertebralina terquemi (Cushman, 1933) † accepted as Articulina terquemi Cushman, 1933 † (new combination reference)