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Cairns, S.D., 1991. New records of Stylasteridae (Hydrozoa: Hydroida) from the Galápagos and Cocos Islands. Proc. biol. Soc. Wash. 104 2: 209-228.
Based on the collections of the Johnson-Sea-Link I submersible, new records of 14 stylasterid species are reported from the Galapagos Islands, including one new species: Lepidopora concatenata. Five stylasterid species are reported from Cocos Island, including two new species: Pliobothrus fistulosus and Stylaster cocosensis. These are the first records of stylasterids from Cocos Island, three of the five species also shared with the Galapagos Islands. These specimens are also the first records of the genera Lepidopora and Pliobothrus in the eastern Pacific, from the Galapagos and Cocos Islands, respectively. Both the Galapagan and Cocos Island stylasterid faunae are considered to be derived from the western Pacific, having no affinity with the shelf and slope fauna of the American continents in the eastern Pacific. (The following new records are discussed: Lepidotheca macropora, Distichopora laevigranulosa, Errina macrogastra, Stylaster divergens, S. marenzelleri, S. galapagensis, Stenohelia concinna, Crypthelia eueides, C. glebulenta, C. lacunosa, C. cymas, C. dactylopoma and C. gigantea.) Descriptors: LEPIDOPORA CONCATENATA new species; PLIOBOTHRUS FISTULOSUS new species; LEPIDOTHECA MACROPORA new record; DISTICHOPORA LAEVIGRANULOSA new record; ERRINA MACROGASTRA new record; STYLASTER DIVERGENS new record; STYLASTER MARENZELLERI new record; STYLASTER GALAPAGENSIS new record; STYLASTER COCOSENSIS new species; STENOHELIA CONCINNA new record; CRYPTHELIA EUEIDES new record; CRYPTHELIA GLEBULENTA new record; CRYPTHELIA LACUNOSA new record; CRYPTHELIA CYMAS new record; CRYPTHELIA DACTYLOPOMA new record; CRYPTHELIA GIGANTEA new record; LEPIDOPORA new record; PLIOBOTHRUS new record figs. 1-32, tab. 1. (18.vi.1991).
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