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Margulis, R.Ya., 1989. Novye gidroidnye meduzy semestva Tubulariidae (Coelenterata, Hydrozoa). New hydroid jelly-fishes of the family Tubulariidae (Coelenterata, Hydrozoa). Zool. Zh. 68 6: 126-130.
The paper describes new genera and species of hydroid jelly-fishes with one tentacle; YAKOVIA polinae gen. et sp. n. from the Arctic basin, Paragotoea elegans sp. n. from the same region and the Antarctics, and EUGOTOEA petalina gen. et sp. n. from the Mediterranian sea. Yakovia polinae differs from other Tubulariidae by a large manubrium extruding far beyond the medusa's umbrella and a peculiar structure of the branched tentacle. Paragotoea elegans differs from other species of the same genus by the structure of the exumbrella and tentacle bulbs. Eugotoea petalina is featured by petal-shaped edges of the exumbrella and pigment spots on them.Descriptors: YAKOVIA POLINAE new genus new species; PARAGOTOEA ELEGANS new species; EUGOTOEA PETALINA new genus new species (15.v.1989) Russian with English summary.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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