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Migotto, A.E., De Andrade L.P., 2000. The life cycle of Hebella furax (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa): a link between a lafoeid hydroid and a laodiceid medusa. J. Nat. Hist. 34 : 1871-1888.
The adult medusa of a species of the hydroid genus Hebella Allman, 1888 (family Lafoeidae), with a metagenetic life cycle, is described for the first time. Hebella furax Millard, 1957 is epizoic on other hydroids and releases medusae with four radial canals and three marginal bulbs with tentacles. Adult medusae cultured in the laboratory attained 11 mm in diameter, had 8-11 radial canals, and up to 37 marginal tentacles. Cordyli were present between the tentacles, a characteristic feature of the superfamily Laodiceoidea. The pattern of branching of the radial canals indicates that adult medusae of H. furax should be referred to the genus Toxorchis, possibly to T. kellneri Mayer, 1910. Descriptor: Hebella furax
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Cycles, Saisonality, Phenology
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Life cycle, polyp stage see Migotto & Andrade (2000), perhaps Staurodiscus kellneri (Mayer, 1910) [details]


Possible polyp stage described in Migotto & Andrade (2000) [details]


Polyp looks like Hebella furax Millard, 1957  [details]

 Taxonomic remark

Perhaps the polyp stage of Staurodiscus kellneri (Mayer, 1910)  [details]