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Gamulin, T. & F. KrsinicĀ“, 2000. Kalikofore (Siphonophora, Calycophorae) Jadranskog i Sredozemnog Mora.[Calycophores (Siphonophora, Calycophorae) of the Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean Seas.] Nat. Croat. 9 Suppl. 2: 1-198.
In this monograph we give data about the calycophores of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean gathered during sporadic research over a period of about fifty years. In the manner common to monographic works there is an analysis of 24 calycophores of the Adriatic as well as of Lensia subtiloides, a rare species of the western part of the Mediterranean Sea. With all the calycophores, the polygastric phase is described, as well as the eudoxyd phase for those species in which it is known. The descriptions are illustrated with largely original drawings. Synonyms for the species are given and the locations of findings made to date in the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. The results of annual changes in the abundance and vertical distribution of nectophores and gonophores in the area of the South Adriatic Pit and the Bay of Naples are given. The seasonal horizontal distributions in the open and in the coastal part of the Adriatic Sea are analysed, as are the results of a research cruise in the Mediterranean along a longitudinal profile from Gibraltar to Rhodes.mediterraneoAGGIORNAMENTO Mediterraneo
Systematics, Taxonomy
Zoogeography, Biogeography (generalities), Geographic distribution
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