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Jiménez-Cueto, Soledad; Suárez-Morales, Eduardo. (2008). An account of Alciopina, Torrea, and Rhynconereella (Polychaeta: Alciopidae) of the western Caribbean Sea. Belgian Journal of Zoology. 138(1): 70-80.
Jiménez-Cueto, Soledad; Suárez-Morales, Eduardo
An account of <i>Alciopina</i>, <i>Torrea</i>, and <i>Rhynconereella</i> (Polychaeta: Alciopidae) of the western Caribbean Sea
Belgian Journal of Zoology
138(1): 70-80
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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Seven species of Alciopina Claparède & Panceri, Torrea Quatrefages, and Rhynconereella Costa were collected during five oceanographic cruises off the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, western Caribbean Sea. Descriptions and illustrations are provided here with an identification key. The most frequent species were Rhynchonereella petersii (Langerhans, 1880); Alciopina parasitica Claparède & Panceri, 1867; and A. paumotanus Chamberlin, 1919; which comprised 85% of the alciopid numbers collected during this survey. These three genera currently contain nine species, of which seven were obtained in our samples from the western Caribbean. These are the first records of the Alciopidae in the western Caribbean Basin and in Mexican waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
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Rhynchonereella Costa, 1864 (additional source)