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Costa, Dimitri de Araujo; Christoffersen, Martin Lindsey. (2017 [2016 issue, but unpublished until mid 2017]). New status for hesionid polychaetes (Annelida, Polychaeta). Gaia Scientia. 10(4): 160-165.
10.21707/gs.v10.n04a12 [view]
Costa, Dimitri de Araujo; Christoffersen, Martin Lindsey
2017 [2016 issue, but unpublished until mid 2017]
New status for hesionid polychaetes (Annelida, Polychaeta)
Gaia Scientia
10(4): 160-165
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Article may be unpublished for Code purposes (electronic only without ZooBank registration). Changes proposed are not valid as authors did not take into account ICZN article 40, and article 64. The DOI fails.
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Nomenclatural observations of the family Hesionidae Grube, 1850 (Annelida, Polychaeta), and according to the “Principle of Priority”, International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, demonstrate that some current names present in this family are invalid. Firstly, the name of the subfamily Ophiodrominae, which is based on genus Ophiodromus Sars, 1862, should be replaced. This is because the genus was synonymized to Oxydromus Grube, 1855, which corresponds the oldest genus of this group. In 1998, Pleijel established the tribe Psamathini, based on type genus Psamathe Johnston, 1838; later, in 2015, Summers, Pleijel & Rouse redefined the status this tribe for subfamily Psamathinae. However, the oldest genus of this hesiond group is Nereimyra Blainville, 1828. Finally, in 2012, Pleijel, Rouse, Sundkvist & Nygren erected the tribe Amphidurini, based on genus Amphiduros Hartman, 1959. On the other hand, the oldest genus is Parahesione Pettibone, 1956. According with the Principle of Priority, these hesionid taxa must be replaced by the next oldest available name from among its synonyms, including the names of the taxa contained within the same group. Therefore, we here are establishing the subfamily Oxydrominae nomen novum, the subfamily Nereimyrinae nomen novum, the tribe Oxydromini nomen novum and the tribe Parahesionini nomen novum. [Warning from Editor: these proposed names are invalid]
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Ophiodrominae Pleijel, 1998 (additional source)
Psamathinae Pleijel, 1998 (additional source)