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Polychaeta source details

Radashevsky, Vasily I.; Lana, Paulo da Cunha. (2009). Laonice (Annelida: Spionidae) from South and Central America. Zoosymposia. 2: 265-295.
10.11646/zoosymposia.2.1.19 [view]
Radashevsky, Vasily I.; Lana, Paulo da Cunha
<i>Laonice</i> (Annelida: Spionidae) from South and Central America.
2: 265-295
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Open access article.
Available for editors  PDF available [request]
Laonice species from South and Central America are reviewed based on museum collections and new material collected in southern Brazil. An identification key is provided to 10 species including three previously described species, L. antarcticae Hartman, 1953, L. weddellia Hartman, 1978, L. branchiata Nonato, Bolívar & Lana, 1986, and three species represented by poor material, insufficient for final taxonomic diagnosis. Four new species, L. petersenae sp. nov., L. aperata sp. nov., L. parvabranchiata sp. nov., and L. pinnulata sp. nov. are described and illustrated. Earlier records of L. cirrata (M. Sars, 1851) from South America are not confirmed. The loss of neuropodial sabre chaetae and hooks until a certain size in terms of numbers of adult chaetigers is here used for the first time as a specific character with Laonice species.
America, Central
America, South
Austral South America
Eastern Pacific warm temperate to tropical
Western Atlantic warm temperate to boreal
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Holotype MCEM 39, geounit São Paulo, identified as Laonice aperata Radashevsky & Lana, 2009
Holotype MZUSP, geounit São Sebastião, identified as Laonice petersenae Radashevsky & Lana, 2009

aperata is formed from 'a', lack of, and Latin 'pera', pouch/bag. The authors imply perata is a femininised form, ... [details]


named for Mary E. Petersen [details]

 Type locality

offshore from São Paulo, Brazil, -24.7342° -45.9167°, 68 m [details]

 Type locality

off beach, Praia do Saco Grande, São Sebastião, Brazil, -23.8292°, -45.4255°, 5 m [details]