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Polychaeta source details

Ruta, C.; Pleijel, F. (2006). A new branchiate hesionid polychaete (Annelida, Hesionidae) from New Caledonia. Zoosystema. 28(3): 655-667.
Ruta, C.; Pleijel, F.
A new branchiate hesionid polychaete (Annelida, Hesionidae) from New Caledonia
28(3): 655-667
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
We describe Hesiobranchia lifouensis n. gen., n. sp. from coral reefs at Lifou, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia in the south-west Pacific. It is distinguished from all other hesionids by the presence of two elongated lateral projections on the proboscis, by having both noto- and neurochaetae starting on segment 5, by the presence of parapodial branchiae, and by a unique pigmentation pattern. A morphology-based parsimony analysis of the phylogeny of hesionids indicates that H. lifouensis n. gen., n. sp. belongs within Gyptini and is the sister group of Gyptis Marion & Bobretzky in Marion, 1874.
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Holotype MNHN POLY TYPE 1446, verbatimGeounit Lifou, Santal Bay, C..., identified as Hesiobranchia lifouensis Ruta & Pleijel, 2006

Named formed from the combination of the stem of the taxon name “Hesionidae” and “branchiae”, gender feminine. [details]


Named for the type locality, Lifou, Loyalty Islands [details]

 Type locality

Lifou, Santal Bay, Cape Aimé Martin, Loyalty Islands 20°46.7’S, 167°02.6’E (-20.7783, 167.0433), among dead ... [details]