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Polychaeta source details

Day, J.H. (1934). On a collection of South African Polychaeta, with a catalogue of the species recorded from South Africa, Angola, Mosambique, and Madagascar. Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology. 39(263): 15-82.
10.1111/j.1096-3642.1934.tb00259.x [view]
Day, J.H.
On a collection of South African Polychaeta, with a catalogue of the species recorded from South Africa, Angola, Mosambique, and Madagascar
Journal of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology
39(263): 15-82
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
Available for editors  PDF available [request]
This paper contains a catalogue of the species of Polychaeta recorded from South Africa, Angola, Mosambique, and Madagascar, with a reference to a good description in each case. Within the catalogue are included the names of seventy-eight species collected in this region. Of these eight are new species, and many others have not been previously recorded for this region. A short diagnosis is given of many species where such is not readily obtainable.
Southern Africa
Fauna and Flora, Faunistic inventories, Checklists, Catalogues
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Autolytus bondei Day, 1934 (original description)
Chloeia gilchristi McIntosh, 1924 accepted as Chloeia inermis Quatrefages, 1866 (redescription)
Dasychone violacea natalensis Day, 1934 accepted as Branchiomma violaceum (Schmarda, 1861) (original description)
Eunice antennata (Savigny in Lamarck, 1818) accepted as Leodice antennata Savigny in Lamarck, 1818 (additional source)
Eunice murrayi McIntosh, 1885 (additional source)
Glycera convoluta capensis Monro, 1933 accepted as Glycera cinnamomea Grube, 1874 (additional source)
Halosydna alleni Day, 1934 accepted as Hyperhalosydna alleni (Day, 1934) (original description)
Lanice fauvelii Day, 1934 (original description)
Lepidonotus durbanensis Day, 1934 (original description)
Marphysa aenea (Blanchard in Gay, 1849) (additional source)
Marphysa durbanensis Day, 1934 (original description)
Marphysa furcellata Crossland, 1903 (additional source)
Neanthes capensis Willey, 1904 accepted as Neanthes willeyi (Day, 1934) (status source)
Nereis (Ceratonereis) erythraeensis (Fauvel, 1918) accepted as Simplisetia erythraeensis (Fauvel, 1918) (additional source)
Nereis (Perinereis) capensis (Kinberg, 1865) accepted as Perinereis capensis (Kinberg, 1865) (basis of record)
Nereis (Perinereis) falsovariegata (Monro, 1933) accepted as Perinereis falsovariegata Monro, 1933 (basis of record)
Nereis (Perinereis) variegata (Grube, 1857) accepted as Pseudonereis variegata (Grube, 1857) (basis of record)
Nereis (Platynereis) dumerilii striata (Schmarda, 1861) accepted as Platynereis dumerilii (Audouin & Milne Edwards, 1833) (basis of record)
Nereis (Platynereis) hewitti Day, 1934 accepted as Platynereis calodonta Kinberg, 1865 (original description)
Nereis operta Stimpson, 1856 accepted as Neanthes operta (Stimpson, 1856) (additional source)
Nereis willeyi Day, 1934 accepted as Neanthes willeyi (Day, 1934) (original description)
Protula tubularia capensis McIntosh, 1885 accepted as Protula tubularia (Montagu, 1803) (basis of record)
Sabellastarte longa (Kinberg, 1866) accepted as Pseudobranchiomma longa (Kinberg, 1866) (new combination reference)
Scoloplos johnstonei Day, 1934 accepted as Leodamas johnstonei (Day, 1934) (original description)
Terebella schmardaei Day, 1934 (original description)

Junior primary homonym to Lanice fauvelii Day, 1934, replaced by Holthe (1986:130). [details]


the usage of this combination in Nereis by Day and his usage of Neanthes capensis Willey, 1904 in Nereis prompted ... [details]


Nereis willeyi Day is a replacement name for Neanthes capensis Willey, 1904, as Day wished to downgrade Neanthes to ... [details]


The spelling in WoRMS was as 'schmardai', but the correct original spelling is as Terebella schmardaei. The Hartman ... [details]


usage combination by Day in 1934. By 1967 he regarded Perinereis as a separate genus, and used the original ... [details]


Records for South Africa. However, by 1967 Day was using the combination Pseudonereis variegata (Grube, 1857), and ... [details]


As Nereis (Platynereis) dumerilii var striata (Schmarda, 1861). Day reduces Mastigonereis striata, a Platynereis, ... [details]

 Type locality

near the low tide-mark at St. James, False Bay, South Africa [details]