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Polychaeta source details

Fischli, Hermann. (1903). Polychäten von Ternate. Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft. 25(1): 89-136, plates IV-VIII.
Fischli, Hermann
Polychäten von Ternate
Abhandlungen der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft
25(1): 89-136, plates IV-VIII
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). Date on title page of volume iissue is 1903, but 1900 may be seen used for species. Uncertain if parts were published earlier
Indo West Pacific Region
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Amphinome sericata Fischli, 1903 accepted as Pherecardia lobata Horst, 1886 accepted as Pherecardia striata (Kinberg, 1857) (original description)
Dasychone maculata Fischli, 1903 accepted as Branchiomma cingulatum (Grube, 1870) (original description)
Eunice margariticacea Fischli, 1900 (original description)
Glycera fusiformis Fischli, 1900 accepted as Glycera brevicirris Grube, 1870 (original description)
Lanice triloba Fischli, 1900 accepted as Eupolymnia triloba (Fischli, 1900) (original description)
Lysidice kuekenthali Fischli, 1900 (original description)
Nereis (Ceratonereis) ternatensis Fischli, 1900 accepted as Ceratonereis ternatensis (Fischli, 1900) (original description)
Oenone pacifica Fischli, 1900 accepted as Oenone fulgida (Lamarck, 1818) (original description)
Phyllodoce (Carobia) lamelligera (Gmelin in Linnaeus, 1788) accepted as Phyllodoce lamelligera (Gmelin in Linnaeus, 1788) (basis of record)
Phyllodoce (Carobia) lamelligera ternatensis Fischli, 1903 accepted as Phyllodoce lamelligera (Gmelin in Linnaeus, 1788) (original description)
Polynoe cornuta Fischli, 1903 (original description)
Protula (Protulopsis) nigranucha Fischli, 1903 accepted as Spirobranchus nigranucha (Fischli, 1903) (original description)
Serpula (Hydroides) multispinosa (Marenzeller, 1885) accepted as Hydroides multispinosa Marenzeller, 1884 [original] (basis of record)
Serpula (Hydroides) multispinosa ternatensis Fischli, 1903 accepted as Hydroides albiceps (Grube, 1870) (original description)
Syllis quadrifasciata Fischli, 1900 (original description)
Thalenessa gracilis Fischli, 1903 accepted as Fimbriosthenelais gracilis (Fischli, 1903) (original description)
 Editor's comment

Fischli used an unusual form of name layout in his headings in which Serpula was the main genus but below he ... [details]