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Polychaeta source details

Horst, Rutgerus. (1912). Polychaeta errantia of the Siboga Expedition. Part 1, Amphinomidae. Siboga-Expeditie Uitkomsten op Zoologisch, Bonatisch, Oceanographisch en Geologisch gebied verzameld in Nederlandsch Oost-Indië 1899-1900. 24a: 1-43, 10 plates.
Horst, Rutgerus
Polychaeta errantia of the Siboga Expedition. Part 1, Amphinomidae
Siboga-Expeditie Uitkomsten op Zoologisch, Bonatisch, Oceanographisch en Geologisch gebied verzameld in Nederlandsch Oost-Indië 1899-1900
24a: 1-43, 10 plates
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
[From introduction:]
The number of Amphinomidae, hitherto recorded from the Malay Archipelago, is very small and does not amount to more than eleven species and varieties, met with at the following localities:
Indo West Pacific Region
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Amphinome djiboutensis [misspelling of A. djiboutiensis] accepted as Amphinome djiboutiensis Gravier, 1902 (basis of record)
Amphinome nigrobranchiata Horst, 1912 (original description)
Amphinome pulchra Horst, 1912 accepted as Amphinome jukesi Baird, 1868 (original description)
Bathychloeia Horst, 1910 (redescription)
Benthoscolex Horst, 1912 (original description)
Benthoscolex coecus Horst, 1912 (original description)
Chloeia flava (Pallas, 1766) (taxonomy source)
Chloeia flava pulchella Baird, 1868 (basis of record)
Chloeia merguinensis Beddard, 1889 accepted as Chloeia parva Baird, 1868 (source of synonymy)
Chloeia parva Baird, 1868 (taxonomy source)
Chloeia pulchella Baird, 1868 accepted as Chloeia flava pulchella Baird, 1868 (source of synonymy)
Eucarunculata grubei Malaquin & Dehorne, 1907 accepted as Pherecardia striata (Kinberg, 1857) (source of synonymy)
Euphrosine globosa Horst, 1912 (original description)
Eurythoe complanata (Pallas, 1766) (additional source)
Eurythoe dubia Horst, 1912 (original description)
Eurythoe pacifica Kinberg, 1857 accepted as Eurythoe complanata (Pallas, 1766) (source of synonymy)
Eurythoe parvecarunculata Horst, 1912 accepted as Cryptonome parvecarunculata (Horst, 1912) (original description)
Lirione rayneri Baird, 1868 accepted as Notopygos rayneri (Baird, 1868) (source of synonymy)
Notopygos rayneri (Baird, 1868) (basis of record)
Parachloeia Horst, 1912 (original description)
Parachloeia marmorata Horst, 1912 (original description)
Pherecardia striata (Kinberg, 1857) (additional source)
Pherecardites Horst, 1912 (original description)
Pherecardites parva Horst, 1912 (original description)
Pleione alcyonea Lamarck, 1818 accepted as Eurythoe complanata (Pallas, 1766) (source of synonymy)
Sangiria Horst, 1911 (redescription)
Sangiria hystrix Horst, 1911 (redescription)
Celebes Sea for Sangiria hystrix Horst, 1911 
Syntype ZMA unknown, geounit Celebes Sea, identified as Sangiria hystrix Horst, 1911

Original diagnosis by Horst (1912: 38): "Body oblong oval, agreeing in general appearance with that of Chloeia. ... [details]


Author: "Body oblong oval, like Sangiria. A long and narrow plaited caruncle, with a crenulated horizontal plate. ... [details]


"Body elongate. Caruncle consisting of a median axis and some lateral lamellae, directed backward. Eyes dubious. ... [details]

 Editor's comment

Pherecardites genus is suspected by Amphinomidae specialists to be a junior synonym of Pherecardia, as the ... [details]


Derived from the Greek words benthos, meaning 'depth', and scolex, meaning 'worm', referring presumably to the deep ... [details]


The name of the genus is formed by the postposition of the suffix of Greek origin -ites, used to form adjectives, ... [details]


Fauchald created a record for the unpublished name 'Pherecardia parva (Horst, 1912)' [was Pherecardites parva], as ... [details]


Status changed. Re-ranked by Horst (1912) to a subspecies of Chloeia flava, following comments by McIntosh (1885) [details]


Genus and species appear known only from the original description, and do not appear to have been re-evaluated in ... [details]

 Type locality

Celebes Sea, near Pulau Sangihe, 3.4517 125.3117, 2053 m  [details]