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Moore, John Percy. (1905). Five new species of Pseudopotamilla from the Pacific coast of North America. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. 57: 555-569, plate XXXVII.
Moore, John Percy
Five new species of <i>Pseudopotamilla</i> from the Pacific coast of North America
Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia
57: 555-569, plate XXXVII
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A noteworthy portion of the Polychaeta collections of the Alaskan Salmon Commission of 1903 is seven species, five of which are herein described as new, of the genus Pseudopotamilla recently established by Miss Bush. These new species are of interest in indicating the interrelations of Pseudopotamilla and other genera into which the former tends to grade. In most respects P. intermedia is most typical, and stands between the other species, which may be grouped in couples having quite distinct affinities. On the one hand P. brevibranchiata and P. occelata approach Eudistylia in the structure of the collar, and the former especially in the uncini and the latter in the numerous eyes and general habit. Neither of these, however, shows any indication of spiral coiling of the branchial bases, which are small and simple. On the other hand, P. splendida and P. anoculata have the angulated branchial stems without eyes and the more elongated spatulate thoracic setae which characterize Parasabella and Sabella, but the dorsal collar lobes are exceptionally well developed and the branchial bases are very small and simple. The first three species have the avicular uncini of the posterior thoracic segments enlarged and otherwise peculiar, in this respect resembling P. oculifera Leidy.
North-eastern Pacific boreal
Systematics, Taxonomy
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