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Polychaeta source details

Uschakov, Pavel Vladimirovich. 1982. [Polychaetes of the Suborder Aphroditiformia of the Arctic Ocean and the Northwestern Part of the Pacific, Families Aphroditidae and Polynoidae]. 1-272. FAUNA SSSR, Mnogoshchetinkovyye chervi (Fauna of the USSR, Polychaeta). Moscow.
Uschakovavelladimirovich, P. V.
Polychaetes of the Suborder Aphroditiformia of the Arctic Ocean and the Northwestern Part of the Pacific, Families Aphroditidae and Polynoidae
FAUNA SSSR, Mnogoshchetinkovyye chervi (Fauna of the USSR
Polychaeta). Moscow : 1-272
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb). A typescript translation by the Canadian translation bureau is online, and includes the figures.
[The morphological characters of the suborder Aphroditiforrnia of the order Phyllodocemorpha are discussed. Special attention is paid to the beginning of the first stages of heteronomy which is of great importance to the evolution of the Polychaeta. A new system of generic phylogenetic relations is presented for the family Polynoidae which is represented in the suborder by the largest number of genera and species. Two parallel lines of development from many-segmented to few-segmented worms are noted within this family. One hundred and twenty-five species and smaller taxonomic units of Aphroditidae and Polynoidae from areas of the Arctic Ocean and the northwestern part of the Pacific from the Bering Strait to the Gulf of Tonkin inclusively have been described. Many of the generic diagnoses have been added to. Keys to all the taxa are included, along with 17 text illustrations, 69 plates and 415 bibliographic citations]
Arctic-Boreal marine
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Bylgides anoculata (Moore, 1910) accepted as Eucranta anoculata (Moore, 1910) (source of synonymy)
Enipo chuckchi Uschakov, 1982 (original description)
Eunoe bathydomus (Ditlevsen, 1917) (new combination reference)
Halosydna (Alentia) annamita Fauvel, 1934 accepted as Paralentia annamita (Fauvel, 1934) (source of synonymy)
Harmothoe (Eunoe) truncata Moore, 1902 accepted as Hermadionella truncata (Moore, 1902) (source of synonymy)
Harmothoe bathydomus Ditlevsen, 1917 accepted as Eunoe bathydomus (Ditlevsen, 1917) (source of synonymy)
Hermadion nipponicus Imajima & Hartman, 1964 accepted as Hermadionella nipponicus (Imajima & Hartman, 1964) (new combination reference)
Hermadionella Uschakov, 1982 (original description)
Lepidonotus (Lepidonotus) bicornis Uschakov, 1982 accepted as Lepidonotus bicornis (Uschakov, 1982) (original description)
Lepidonotus (Lepidonotus) dentatus hainanicus Uschakov, 1982 (original description)
Lucopia Pillai, 1965 accepted as Hyperhalosydna Augener, 1922 (source of synonymy)
Malmgrenia ampulliferoides Uschakov & Wu, 1959 accepted as Paralepidonotus ampullifera (Grube, 1878) accepted as Paralepidonotus ampulliferus (Grube, 1878) (source of synonymy)
Nonparahalosydna Uschakov, 1982 (basis of record)
Paralentia Uschakov, 1982 (original description)
Paralentia annamita (Fauvel, 1934) (new combination reference)
Paralentia tonkinica Uschakov, 1982 accepted as Ophthalmonoe tonkinica (Uschakov, 1982) (original description)
Paralepidonotus ampulliferus (Grube, 1878) (source of synonymy)
Perolepis Ehlers, 1908 (redescription)