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Polychaeta name details

Polychaeta incertae sedis

155086  (urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:155086)

temporary name
Family Aberrantidae Wolf, 1987
Family Ammocharidae Malmgren, 1867 accepted as Oweniidae Rioja, 1917 (replaced by prevailing usage, although senior to Oweniidae)
Genus Anatomus Montfort, 1810 (uncertain > nomen dubium, Described as Mollusca. Indeterminable whether Mollusca or Polychaeta)
Family Apharyngtidae Worsaae, Kerbl, Di Domenico, Gonzalez, Bekkouche & Martínez, 2021
Order Archiannelida (uncertain > nomen dubium, Superfluous name)
Genus Aricinella Quatrefages, 1844 (uncertain > nomen dubium)
Genus Clymene Oken, 1807, 1815 (uncertain > nomen dubium, arbitrary confused usages)
Family Dinophilidae Macalister, 1876
Genus Dorsibranchus Wagner, 1885 (unaccepted > nomen nudum, unavailable as no description)
Genus Grapsobranchus Wagner, 1885 (unaccepted > nomen nudum, unavailable as no description)
Family Histriobdellidae Claus & Moquin-Tandon, 1884
Family Kalaminochaetidae Nolte, 1941 (uncertain > nomen dubium, erected for indeterminable larval forms)
Family Laetmonectidae Buzhinskaja, 1986
Genus Lumbricus auctorum [non Lumbricus Linnaeus, 1758] (uncertain > nomen dubium, non Clitellata)
Family Maeadae Johnston, 1865 accepted as Magelonidae Cunningham & Ramage, 1888 (proposed, available, but never adopted)
Family Magelonidae Cunningham & Ramage, 1888
Family Nerillidae Levinsen, 1883
Infraorder Oweniida (uncertain > nomen dubium, Superfluous name)
Family Oweniidae Rioja, 1917
Family Parergodrilidae Reisinger, 1925
Infraclass Polychaeta fossils incertae sedis † (temporary name, problematica not yet assigned to an extant Polychaeta family)
Family Polygordiidae Czerniavsky, 1881
Family Protodrilidae Hatschek, 1888
Family Protodrilidae Czerniavsky, 1881 (uncertain > nomen dubium, based on a homonym of uncertain priority)
Family Protodriloididae Purschke & Jouin, 1988
Order Psammodrilida (uncertain > nomen dubium, Superfluous name)
Family Psammodrilidae Swedmark, 1952
Genus Pseudocirratulus Augener, 1922
Family Saccocirridae Bobretzky, 1872
Genus Solen [Klein, 1731, pre-Linnaean, Not Solen Linnaeus, 1758] (unaccepted > nomen nudum, pre-Linnaean usage, here for an annelid binominal, not a mollusc)
Order Spintherida (uncertain > nomen dubium, Superfluous name)
Family Spintheridae Augener, 1913
Genus Tubularia [Auct. Non sensu Linnaeus, 1758] (uncertain > taxon inquirendum, Duplicate to Tubularia Linnaeus for editing of Sabellida Annelida originally named in "Tubularia" (Hydrozoa))
Not documented
Polychaeta (2022). Polychaeta incertae sedis. Accessed at: https://www.marinespecies.org/polychaeta/aphia.php?p=taxdetails&id=155086 on 2022-05-28
2005-04-22 07:56:35Z
2010-03-03 21:39:55Z

context source (Hexacorallia) Fautin, Daphne G. (2013). Hexacorallians of the World. (look up in IMIS[details]   

basis of record Fauchald, K. (1977). The polychaete worms, definitions and keys to the orders, families and genera. <em>Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County: Los Angeles, CA (USA), Science Series.</em> 28:1-188., available online at http://www.vliz.be/imisdocs/publications/123110.pdf [details]   

identification resource Westheide, W. (1990). Polychaetes: interstitial families: keys and notes for the identification of the species. Synopses of the British fauna (New Series), 44. Universal Book Services/Universal Book Services/Backhuys/W. Backhuys: Oegstgeest. ISBN 90-73348-08-0. VII, 152 pp. (look up in IMIS[details]   
From editor or global species database
Classification Taxa of uncertain position, or a yet to be updated position, in Class Polychaeta phylogeny. Includes some unrelated interstitial families formerly grouped in 'Archiannnelida', the Myzostomida, and fossil genera as Polychaeta fossils incertae sedis  [details]