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Dendy, A. (1892). Synopsis of the Australian Calcarea Heterocoela; with a proposed Classification of the Group and Descriptions of some New Genera and Species. Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria (New Series). 5: 69-116.
Dendy, A.
Synopsis of the Australian Calcarea Heterocoela; with a proposed Classification of the Group and Descriptions of some New Genera and Species..
Proceedings of the Royal Society of Victoria (New Series)
5: 69-116.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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Amphoriscidae Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Grantessa boomerang (Dendy, 1893) (original description)
Grantessa hispida Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Grantia gracilis (Lendenfeld, 1885) accepted as Grantessa gracilis (Lendenfeld, 1885) (new combination reference)
Grantia vosmaeri Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Grantiidae Dendy, 1892 (original description)
Grantiopsis Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Grantiopsis cylindrica Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Heteropiidae Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Leucandra carteri Dendy, 1893 accepted as Leucetta microraphis Haeckel, 1872 (original description)
Leucandra gladiator Dendy, 1893 accepted as Leuconia gladiator (Dendy, 1893) (original description)
Leucandra phillipensis Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Leucascidae Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Leucascus Dendy, 1892 (original description)
Leucascus clavatus Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Leucascus simplex Dendy, 1892 (original description)
Leucilla saccharata (Haeckel, 1872) accepted as Paraleucilla saccharata (Haeckel, 1872) (basis of record)
Paraleucilla Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Paraleucilla cucumis (Haeckel, 1872) (source of synonymy)
Sycettidae Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Sycon boomerang Dendy, 1893 accepted as Grantessa boomerang (Dendy, 1893) (original description)
Sycon carteri Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Sycon ensiferum Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Sycon gelatinosum var. whiteleggei Dendy, 1893 accepted as Sycon gelatinosum (Blainville, 1834) (original description)
Sycon giganteum Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Sycon minutum Dendy, 1892 (original description)
Ute spenceri Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Ute spiculosa Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Utella Dendy, 1893 accepted as Sycodorus Haeckel, 1872 (original description)
Vosmaeropsis Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Vosmaeropsis depressa Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Vosmaeropsis wilsoni Dendy, 1893 (original description)
Bassian for Ascute uteoides (Dendy, 1893) 
Bassian for Grantessa boomerang (Dendy, 1893) 
Bassian for Grantessa hispida Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Grantiopsis cylindrica Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Leucandra carteri Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Leucandra gladiator Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Leucandra phillipensis Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Leucascus clavatus Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Leucascus simplex Dendy, 1892 
Bassian for Sycon ensiferum Dendy, 1893 
Bassian for Vosmaeropsis depressa Dendy, 1893 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Grantia vosmaeri Dendy, 1893 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Leucascus simplex Dendy, 1892 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Leucascus simplex Dendy, 1892 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Sycon minutum Dendy, 1892 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Ute spenceri Dendy, 1893 
Manning-Hawkesbury for Ute spiculosa Dendy, 1893 
Port Phillip Bay for Vosmaeropsis wilsoni Dendy, 1893 
Sorrento Beach for Vosmaeropsis depressa Dendy, 1893 
South Australian Gulfs for Sycon carteri Dendy, 1893 
South Australian Gulfs for Sycon giganteum Dendy, 1893 
 Type locality

Near Port Phillip Heads, Australia [details]

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