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PEGASO 10 CASES (Collaborative Application SitES) aim at testing and validating the assessment tools developed during the project at different spatial scales, and at contributing to the Regional Assessment at basin scale of the Mediterranean and Black Sea. The CASES have been chosen in order to obtain a set of heterogeneous coastal situations; the CASES selected both in the Mediterranean (7 CASES) and in the Black Sea (3 CASES) represent different coastal physical features, geographic scales, socio economic contexts, coastal issues, conflicts among uses, and ICZM experiences. The CASES, shown in the list below, represent valuable coastal ecosystems (e.g. river deltas, lagoons, protected areas), they range from a local scale of few kilometers to a transboundary scale of thousands kilometers; some of the CASES have already gained experiences in the field of ICZM while others have started considering ICZM only recently; some CASES show coastal issues concerned with natural hazards (e.g. erosion, sea level rise inundation), other with anthropogenic impacts (e.g. urban sprawl, pollution) and different conflicts among land uses. The PEGASO project is indeed a challenge for researchers and practitioners: given the great heterogeneity of the CASES, great attention will be paid on the efforts for addressing flexibility and effectiveness of the assessment tools.


Mediterranean Sea

Black Sea

  • Danube Delta
  • Dalyan-Köycegiz Special Protected Area
  • Guria Coastal Region