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This article provides a useful introduction to the saltmarsh habitat. However it contains a number of inaccuracies as illustrated by the following comments:

  • The description of zonation is limited and refers to the situation on the eastern shores of the USA;
  • References to Spartina require updating. The main species referred to is now no longer the principle coloniser;
  • The description of evolution is more or less correct but the process is much more complex than described.

Some of these are easily corrected by introducing qualifying words such as "an example from the USA". Others are more fundamental. These issues are inherent in the Wiki concept. However, my discussion point is not so much the article as such as I will in due course update it and correct it. It has set me wondering whether there is a better way of dealing with 'Introductory' articles of this kind. Two options that occur to me:

  1. Request articles from known specialists;
  2. Establish an informal network of specialists who would agree to provide input to introductory articles in particular subject areas.

NB I am not suggesting a full peer review system as this would negate an important aspect of the Coastal Wiki. I do think that an informal network of specialists might help. This would of course depend on individuals (or groups, such as the Sand Dune and Shingle Network [1]) being prepared to take on the role. We have a great and developing dedicated facility in the Coastal Wiki for the exchange and presentation of coastal information. I would like to think my suggestions would help to make it even better.

Pat Doody