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Dittmann, S.; Reise, K. (1985). Assemblage of free-living Plathelminthes on an intertidal mud flat in the North Sea. Microfauna Marina. 2: 95-115.
Dittmann, S.; Reise, K.
Assemblage of free-living Plathelminthes on an intertidal mud flat in the North Sea
Microfauna Marina
2: 95-115
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A quantitative survey of the Plathelminthes living in soft mud in the intertidal zone of Konigshafen (isle of Sylt. North Sea) was conducted from November 1982 to June 1983 . Abundance was highly variable but high on the average (260 Individuals 10 . cm-2) . The number of species (49) and diversity was lower compared to adjacent sand flats . Most individuals (81 %) feed on diatoms. and average body size is small (90 % were < 1 mm in length) . Pogaina suecica was abundant throughout the study period, while other species fluctuated strongly. Microstomum papilloszim showed a mass development in February and M. bioct~latumin May. Both species reproduce by paratomy. The rapidly reproducing Acoela Archaphanostoma agile and Philactinoposthia saliens were other abundant diatom-feeders. Abundant predators were Proxenetes quinquespinosus, P. quadrispinosus and Promesostoma gracilis. It is suggested that the high variability in the plathelminth assemblage of the mud flat is caused by fluctuations in the major food source (diatoms), and by the lack of refuges below the mud surface.
North Sea (and Channel)
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North Sea for Acrorhynchides robustus (Karling, 1931) Strand, 1928 
North Sea for Anaperus tvaerminnensis (Luther, 1912) 
North Sea for Archaphanostoma agile (Jensen, 1878) 
North Sea for Archimonotresis limophila Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Baicalellia brevituba (Luther, 1918) Nasonov, 1930 
North Sea for Bresslauilla relicta Reisinger, 1929 
North Sea for Danorhynchus duplostylis Karling, 1955 
North Sea for Halammovortex macropharynx (Meixner, 1938) Karling, 1943 
North Sea for Haloplanella minuta Luther, 1946 
North Sea for Macrostomum pusillum Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Mecynostomum auritum (Schultze, 1851) 
North Sea for Messoplana elegans (Luther, 1948) Den Hartog, 1966 
North Sea for Microstomum bioculatum Faubel, 1984 
North Sea for Microstomum papillosum Graff, 1882 
North Sea for Neognathorhynchus lobatus (Ax, 1952) Karling, 1956 
North Sea for Philachoerus johanni Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Philactinoposthia saliens (Graff, 1882) 
North Sea for Phonorhynchus helgolandicus (Mecznikow, 1865) Graff, 1905 
North Sea for Placorhynchus dimorphis Karling, 1947 
North Sea for Placorhynchus octaculeatus Karling, 1931 
North Sea for Pogaina suecica (Luther, 1948) Marcus, 1954 
North Sea for Praeaphanostoma chaetocaudatum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Promesostoma caligulatum Ax, 1952 
North Sea for Promesostoma gracilis Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Promesostoma karlingi Ehlers, 1974 
North Sea for Promesostoma marmoratum (Schultze, 1851) Graff, 1882 
North Sea for Promesostoma meixneri Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Promesostoma rostratum Ax, 1951 
North Sea for Promonotus schultzei Meixner, 1943 
North Sea for Provortex tubiferus Luther, 1948 
North Sea for Proxenetes ampullatus Ax, 1971 
North Sea for Proxenetes intermedius Den Hartog, 1966 
North Sea for Proxenetes quadrispinosus Den Hartog, 1966 
North Sea for Proxenetes quinquespinosus Ax, 1971 
North Sea for Proxenetes segmentatus Den Hartog, 1966 
North Sea for Proxenetes trigonus Ax, 1960 
North Sea for Pseudaphanostoma brevicaudatum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Pseudaphanostoma pelophilum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Pseudaphanostoma psammophilum Dörjes, 1968 
North Sea for Pseudograffilla arenicola Meixner, 1938 
North Sea for Psittacorhynchus verweyi Den Hartog, 1968 
North Sea for Ptychopera westbladi (Luther, 1943) Den Hartog, 1964 
North Sea for Scanorhynchus forcipatus Karling, 1955 
North Sea for Zonorhynchus salinus Karling, 1952 
North Sea for Zonorhynchus seminascatus Karling, 1956 
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