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Turbellarians name details

Tetracelis marmorata

481278  (

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Tyler, S., Artois, T.; Schilling, S.; Hooge, M.; Bush, L.F. (eds) (2006-2022). World List of turbellarian worms: Acoelomorpha, Catenulida, Rhabditophora. Tetracelis marmorata. Accessed at: on 2023-03-27
2010-06-23 13:12:51Z
2022-05-15 06:40:45Z

basis of record Ehrenberg, C. G. (1828-1831). Animalia evertebrata exclusis Insectis. Series prima. In: F. G. Hemprich & C. G. Ehrenberg, <i>Symbolae physicae, seu icones et descriptiones Mammalium, Avium, Insectorum et animalia evertebra, quae ex itinere per Africam borealem et Asiam occidentalem studio nova aut illustrata redierunt</i>. 126 pp. (1831), 10 pls (1828)., available online at [details]   

additional source Diesing, C.M. (1850). Systema Helminthum. Vol. I. 1-679.
page(s): 190 [details]  OpenAccess publication 
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