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Carrera-Parra, Luis F. (2006). Revision of Lumbrineris de Blainville, 1828 (Polychaeta: Lumbrineridae). Zootaxa. 1336:1-64.
Carrera-Parra, Luis F.
Revision of Lumbrineris de Blainville, 1828 (Polychaeta: Lumbrineridae)
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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Lumbrineris is restricted and redefined, and species are redescribed based upon type materials. The generic diagnostic features are chaetae of three types: simple and compound multidentate hooded hooks, and limbate chaetae; the maxillary apparatus is labidognath with five pairs of maxillae, maxillae II are as long as maxillae I with wide connecting plate slightly developed along the base of maxillae II. Lumbrineris, as herein redefined includes L. albifrons, L. amboinensis, L. aniara, L. annulata, L. californiensis, L. cingulata, L. coccinea, L. crosnieri sp. nov., L. cruzensis, L. floridana, L. futilis, L. grandis, L. higuchiae sp. nov., L. imajimai sp. nov., L. index, L. indica sp. nov., L. inflata, L. inhacea, L. japonica, L. kerguelensis, L. knoxi sp. nov., L. latreilli, L. limicola, L. magalhaensis, L. mustaquimi sp. nov., L. nasuta, L. nishii sp. nov., L. nonatoi, L. oculata, L. oxychaeta, L. pallida, L. paucidentata, L. perkinsi, L. reunionensis sp. nov., L. setosa, L. vanhoeffeni. The taxonomic status of 21 other species originally described as Lumbrineris is discussed. A key to all valid species is included.
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North Sea [details]


Hartman (1976) didn't include in her paper the specimen that Carrera-Parra (2006) reports that LACM-AHF have ... [details]


Carrera-Parra (2006) explains: "Hartman (1949) considered this species as a synonym of Lumbrineris latreilli [both ... [details]


Carrera-Parra (2006) explains: "Fauchald (1974) described L. agastos with MIII bidentate, but it is really ... [details]

 Type locality

North Sea [East of Norfolk coast] 53.6167 2.45 (53º 37’ N, 02º 27’ E), 56 m, Eugenie Expedition [details]

 Type locality

Mozambique. No holotype was designated by Hartman in her article. The records of LACM-AHF list LACM-AHF Poly1183, ... [details]

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