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Polychaeta source details

Zhou, J.; Ji, W.; Li, X. 2009. A new species of Scolelepis (Polychaeta: Spionidae) from sandy beaches in China, with a review of Chinese Scolelepis species. Zootaxa 2236: 37–49
A new species of Spionidae, Scolelepis (Scolelepis) daphoinos sp. nov., is described and illustrated from northern China seas. The species was frequently encountered and highly abundant on sand beaches, but rarely found in subtidal areas. It was formerly misidentified as S. (S.) squamata (Müller, 1806) in China but differed from the latter species in several details in morphology, including the presence of obvious reddish pigmentation patches and the absence of unidentate hooded hooks. Another two Scolelepis species, S. (S.) lingulata Imajima, 1992 and S. (S.) variegata Imajima, 1992, are reported for the first time from Chinese waters. Two species of Scolelepis, S. (S.) globosa Wu & Chen, 1964 and S. (S.) lefebvrei (Gravier, 1905), were reported previously; therefore, five species in this genus are known from China in total. A key to all Scolelepis species from Chinese waters is provided
2013-01-12 18:30:12Z

Holotype ECSFRI 100196, geounit Yellow Sea, identified as Scolelepis (Scolelepis) angulata Zhou, 2014
Holotype MBMCAS 228838,, geounit Yellow Sea, identified as Scolelepis (Scolelepis) daphoinos Zhou, Ji & Li, 2009

angulata from the Latin word angulus, referring to the prostomium with short lateral angles [details]


From Latin daphoinos, referring to the obvious reddish patches on the posterior part of the prostomium and on the ... [details]


Intertidal flats and shallow subtidal on sandy mud bottoms. [details]


Maciolek (1987) in a table placed this species in her subgenus Parascolelepis, but Zhou et al 2009 placed it in the ... [details]

 Type locality

An intertidal flat around Zhoushan archipelago in the East China Sea (fide Zhou et al., 2009). [details]

 Type locality

Yancheng shore, Yellow Sea, 32° 59.469'N, 120° 53.014' E (32.9912, 120.8836), intertidal. The position as given ... [details]

 Type locality

Shore of Kongdong Island, Shandong Province. Estimated 37.5537 N, 121.4819 E. Erroneous geolocations are given in ... [details]