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Lastochkin, D. A. (1935). New name [Potamodrilus] for the genus Stephensoniella. Annals and Magazine of Natural History. (series 10) 16: 488.
10.1080/00222933508655076 [view]
Lastochkin, D. A.
New name [<i>Potamodrilus</i>] for the genus <i>Stephensoniella</i>
Annals and Magazine of Natural History
(series 10) 16: 488
Lastochkin is also seen with an accent as Lastočkin, but Lastochkin was the spelling used here. Brief note replacing Stephensoniella of Lastochkin with Potamodrilus
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The genus Stephensoniella proposed by me in this Magazine (Ann. & Mag. Nat. Hist. ser. 10, vol. xv. p. 636, June 1935) is preoccupied for a genus of Enchytraeidae (Cernosvitov, Zool. Anz. vol. cv. p. 243, 1934). I propose to substitute for it the name POTAMODRILUS, nom. nov., for the species Potamodrilus fluviatilis (Lastochkin).
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Stephensoniella Lastochkin, 1935 is a junior homonym of Stephensoniella Cernosvitov, 1934 [Annelida ... [details]